Cloud computing management information system

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Running head: CLOUD COMPUTING AND INFORMATION SYSTEM MANAGEMENTCloud Computing and Information System ManagementName of the Student:Name of the University:Author note
1CLOUD COMPOUTING AND INFORMATION SYSTEM MANAGEMENTThe Management Information System is a process in which the hardware and software ofthe computer collaborates in the processing of the information such to as to manage and takedecisions within an organization.Topic: How does Cloud Computing helps in managing the security in an organizationPearson, S. (2013). Privacy, security and trust in cloud computing. InPrivacy and Securityfor Cloud Computing(pp. 3-42). Springer, London.According to the author, Cloud Computing refers to the storage of data in the cloud andthe main advantage of storing potential data in the cloud is that it can store the data remotely. Itcan also maintain the privacy of the data. As per the research, the authors also stated that theinfrastructure of the cloud storage also leads to the secure storage of data as it is stored in anencrypted format. Moreover, the data can also be secured by storing the data in dispersedlocation such that if data is damaged at one location, it can be retrieved from other location.Arora, R., Parashar, A., & Transforming, C. C. I. (2013). Secure user data in cloudcomputing using encryption algorithms.International journal of engineering research andapplications,3(4), 1922-1926.According to the authors, the data in the cloud infrastructure are stored in an encryptedformat using various encryption algorithms such as Cipher text policy. Encryption is a process inwhich the data is altered by the sender such that the data could not be attacked by a third party.As per the research, the data stored in encrypted format becomes difficult for the attackers todecode the information as it is secured with a private key which is only available to the receiver.It is public key encryption process.
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