Cloud Computing Infrastructure

Added on - Apr 2021

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Cloud ComputingCloud Computing is generally a delivery service fordelivering the computing services.Computing services includes networking,analytics, storage, databases all over internet.Companies that provide computing services aregenerally known as cloud providers.On the basis of using cloud services, the serviceprovider charges the users accordingly.
Need of Cloud ComputingCreating new applications andservicesStoring, back ups andrecovering of dataHost websites as well as blogsStream audio as well as videoDeliver all the software that aredemandAnalyzing data for all patternsand also make predictionsSource: Ibrahim, Hamlyn-Harris & Grundy, 2016
Advantages of Cloud ComputingCostSpeedGlobal scaleProductivityPerformanceReliability(Source: Krishnan, Bhagwat & Utpat, 2015)
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