Coaching and Improve Performance Assignment

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COACHING AND IMPROVE PERFORMANCE1Problem associated with Tina OrtonTina Orton was forty years old who had joined bank recently and never worked in a bank before.The background of the Tina Orton was in construction in a project management. That time theirrole in the bank is new so that there was a lack of hand over and especially the deficiency of adescription of the job. She had felt demotivated as no one in the company helping her andunderstand her situation, not even the Haldemann and Berger. It was seen that whenever she tookany step ahead, then she faced some obstacle or hurdle in between her path and objectives andthe goals had been looked out of her reach. The biggest problem with her was that she did nothave any network which was an essential part of her job as in L-bank every work ran with thehelp of the informal network. In L-bank people over there hired and got promoted due to theirconnections, decisions were taken over breaks of coffee. As the Tina Orton was wholly new inthe company so she cannot keep up with the necessity of her work. Tina Orton has introvertnature and unable to speak a local language of that area, so it was very difficult to her to meetpeople over there and do interact with them. Also she has not had a connection with Haldeman atthe time of her first weeks and accordingly she was not comfortable with asking him for somehelp to reduce the difficulties and for support. Haldeman who was a strong believer in thesupervision of hands-off did not intervene as he thought that if he did not receive anything to theadversely, Tina Orton was comfortable with her work. The first meeting with the boss(Haldeman) and Berger did not go well due to the disagreement of the team members. TinaOrton did not have track recording, and so there was no credibility in an organization. Orton hasmany ups and downs in her way and felt demotivated but everyone in the team felt that she wasconfident enough so nobody did interference in her way, but she was emotionally weak and feltthat more workload but the meeting end with unexpected way as Tina Orton had tears in her eyes
COACHING AND IMPROVE PERFORMANCE2after the meeting because of the frustration and the exhaustion due to the workload. She was onlyclosed with her peer as she used to work late in the night so everyone noticed her for this only soshe could not tell anyone about her condition. She became an obsessive worker in her office. Shecould not give any directions because of the continuous inadequacy of support from themanagement. After the workload divided between the Berger and the Haldemann still thesituation of the Orton was same as then also she used to work late at night with that frustrationand exhaustion only and again she felt emotionally weak and busted out in a tear. ("IMDInternational", 2017)CoachingThe coaching should be given by the boss (Haldeman) of the Tina Orton for helping her in hersuccess. Firstly he announced the meetings to reduce the workload from Tina Orton and dividethe work between others but it does not help the Tina, so he decided to organize a coaching forTina.Coaching includes three stages-1.To make changes in the Performance Management approach2.To identify the need for Organizational Learning3.Determine the importance of Self-awareness of Personality in leadership (Anderson,T.1998).
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