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Coaching and MentoringTask-1- Presentation on Coaching and MentoringLearning is an important phase of human life. It is said that human being learns untildeath knocks the door. Learning can take place either by self (observation, experience,experiments etc.) or from some another person(s). In most of the cases, learning takesplace from other like for ex-teacher, parents, senior people in work, peer group etc. Weneed learning when we have to fulfil a need which can be possible after learning.Survival, growth and competitiveness are the three essential elements that motivates orforces a person or organization to learn. One of such learning method is “Coaching andmentoring”. It is the learning process that helps in improving performance and developfull potential.What is Coaching and Mentoring?Coaching and mentoring though seems to be similar and their objective is similar innature but there is a difference between these two terms. There is no universaldefinition of any of the two terms thus clear definition is not possible to give. Still we candefine both the terms in the following way-Coaching- It is primarily concerned with performance and development of an individualregarding is knowledge and skill. It is method of directing, instructing and training aperson or group of people with an aim to achieve something. It can be done with thehelp of seminars, workshops, supervised practices, classroom teaching, examinationetc.Mentoring- It is a long term relationship mostly professional in nature, in which a personor group of persons are assisted by an experienced person to develop specific skillsand knowledge that will enhance the experience or skill of the person who is assisted.Similarities and DifferencesSimilarities
Both facilitate individuals to achieve a desired set of goal. They involve planning andtechniques to reach that goal.Both the method tries to understand the needs, problems and aspiration ofindividuals and develop their own competencies instead of depending on coach ormentor.Both the relationship exists in trust and respect.Both the Methods involve two-way feedback system.DifferencesBasis of differencesCoachingMentoringFocusDeveloping awareness andfind out solutions on agiven structure.Giving instructions anddirections.IntentionAsking client questionsand discovering solutionsPersonal and professionaldevelopmentExpert in contentIndividualMentorSector knowledgeLow to mediumMedium to highLevel of formalityFormal contracts andground rule basedMay be formal or informalbased on intentionDuration of relationshipFixed period (e.g. 12months)Not fixed, it can be wholelife mentoringThe principles behind coaching and mentoringHere are the essential principles that describe the importance of mentoring andcoaching-A learning conversation- It involves professional dialogues exchanged based onlearner’s experience and practice. A set of belief and practice will be carried to thelearners from coachers and mentors.A thoughtful relationship-Building of trust, respect and emotion to develop professionallearning.A learning agreement- Establish confidence about the boundary of relationship bysetting ground rules, accountability and power.
Combination of support from fellow professionals- Involvement of colleagues forsustainable commitment to learn and seeking specialist expertise to extend skill andknowledge.Growing self-direction- Evolvement of learner to take control over developing skills,knowledge and self-awareness.Apart from the above, setting challenging goal, acknowledging benefits of coaches andmentors, understanding different approaches of work and using resources effectivelyare the base of coaching and mentoring.Why coaching and mentoring useful? How it benefits individual, team andorganization?Coaching and mentoring is a win-win situation for individual, team and organization asthe people who are getting knowledge and skill are getting benefit out of it and thecoach or mentor is enhancing the command over the knowledge, skill, experiencehe/she is providing.Let us see how the benefit comes-For Individual and team membersImproved individual performance- coaching and mentoring increase the skill andability of individual or team members from the present state, which help to increasetheir performance in work.Increase motivation and morale- Individual when gets support from coaches andmentors, it gives positive vibe among individuals to work better.Building relationship- Coaching and mentoring involve regular interaction anddiscussion thus gradually seniors and juniors develop a relationship of trust.Transition of career- An individual gets good advices and guidance from coachesand teachers. This gives the sense of growth in career path and also the area towhich growth is needed.
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