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BESC1081: Coaching Theory and Practice

Added on - 22 Nov 2021

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Running head: COACHING
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Author note:
To guide our growth and development, coaching is very important. The theory of
coaching is highly critiqued in light of the practices and principles of Positive Psychology
and how they aid to effective coaching. There are several different types of coaching models
that help in understanding the coaching intervention from a systems perspective (Garvey et
al., 2017). With the same, it also helps in understanding the need for “structure: in the
interaction in between the client and the coach. In this paper I am going to present a reflective
essay on discussing one a personal change that I want to make and propose a coaching plan in
relation to the change that I want to achieve.The change that I would like to make is
becoming healthier. I shall be analysing my personal experience of change by taking into
account the different theories and models of behaviour change in coaching. I shall also be
evaluating the relevance of different theories and techniques of coaching in order to achieve
the change that I want to achieve. Lastly, in this paper I shall identify and plan an effective
structure for a coaching session in order to achieve my goal. It is to note that the main aim of
my paper is to develop a coaching plan by making use of the tools and methodologies that are
covered in the unit material.
The personal change that I would like to make: Today’s life is fast paced, where
personal care is an issue, neglected by most of the people. Being a part of such a century, I
feel taking care of personal health is vital in terms of leading a quality and healthy lifestyle.
However, hard work pressure makes it difficult for me to lead a healthier lifestyle. Hard
working schedules leaves no time for physical exercises, through which I can be healthier.
Keeping in mind the increased obesity, I have developedthe goal of being healthier.
Coaching plan:The following is a coaching plan, which would help me to become
SpecificI intend to improve my health by drinking 2
litres of water and by eating 50 grams of
proteins on a daily basis.
MeasurableI intend to lose about 20kgs of weight by the
end of May, i.e., within 6 months, by
increasing my level of activities and
exercises and decreasing my intake of
AchievableI would gradually reduce my intake of
sugary drinks per week so as to completely
end the consumption.
RealisticI would improve my lifestyle by making a
well-conscious food decisions during each
meal while ensuring consumption of more
vegetables and protein.
TimeI intend to achieve my ideal weight by the
end of May 31st.
Table 1: SMART criteria for the targeted goal
The role of goals and clarity of direction while planning change: Setting goals are
very important while planning any change. It serves the four primary functions- facilitating
the planning of change, providing direction and guidance, motivating and inspiring
individuals and helping the individuals in evaluating and controlling his or her performance
(Greco & Kraimer, 2018). Goals and clarity of direction while planning change promote the
planning for determining how the goals would be achieved (Martin & Elliot, 2016). We
human beings set goals for satisfying a particular need and therefore goals could be
motivational and also encourage us in increasing our performance. I personally feel that goals
are something that takes us forward in our life and they are like the oxygen to our dreams.
They are the first steps to our journey that we take and are also the last one. It is hence very
important that we realise the importance and significance of the goal setting and apply it in
our life for attaining our goals (Senko & Tropiano, 2016). Furthermore, it is also to note that
goals and clarity of direction while planning change gives us focus (Grant & Stober, 2006).
Life without a goal or target is literally pointless. It is just a waste of effort and energy. One
can have every potential in the world but having no target, no aim, no goal and no focus,
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