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Code explanation.

Added on - 26 Nov 2019

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Code explanation1.Line: 1 Needed packages has to be imported first2.Some packages need to installed and then import it accordingly3.Line: 68 App id and app secret which is generated from the specified developers boardhas to be added in the code4.Graph API Explorer - > In the Application drop down - > Select the application made inStep 2 - > Click Get Access Token - > In Permissions popup go to Extended Permissionstab - > Select manage pages, and publish actions. These authorizations will permit yourapplication to distribute posts going about as the page - > Click Get Access Token.5.The access token will be generated automatically.6.The app id and the app secret is unique. The date is mentioned according to user needs7.Access token is the collection of app id and the app secret8.Line: 84 The URL is now requested and the code checks whether it is true or false9.If the exception occurs, the code prints that there is an error for URL and added by sayingretrying and the function returns.10.Line: 108 the code will be encoded and performs cryptographic technique.11.The needed field are provided. Then the function returns the base URL with the fields12.The function for reaction kinds is then created. There are many reaction types and areprovided. The needed fields are added accordingly to the code.13.Line: 136 JSON is used. JSON helps in exhibiting the components and will be printedwith that indent level.14.Line: 142 now the data is set to process. The id, count rate are defined earlier.15.The data is being processed by adding the id and the count. The function now return thevalue.16.Line: 159 The function named processFacebookPageFeedStatus is created. The status idand the status type is created. The module date and time is mentioned. Numerousmodules are added based on needs accordingly.17.Line: 183 the reactions, comments and the shares are initialized as zero and it process oneby one.
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