Cognitive Development in Children

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Running head: COGNITIVE DEVELOPMENT IN CHILDRENCognitive development in childrenName of the StudentName of the UniversityAuthor note
1COGNITIVE DEVELOPMENT IN CHILDRENIntroductionCognitive development in children takes place in terms of conceptual resources,information processing, language learning and perceptual skills that are aspects of braindevelopment. During early childhood, cognitive development of a child is built on languageacquisition, numeracy, pre-reading building skills beginning after the child is born (Campbell etal., 2014). Therefore, the following discussion involves the study of factors like socio-economicfactors affecting cognitive development in children.Main tenets of the articleIn an article by Schady et al., (2015) the socio-economic status of Latin Americancountries (Colombia, Nicaragua, Ecuador, Peru and Chile) affects the early childhooddevelopment and there were significant changes in them over time once they enter school. Theyconducted a descriptive study where the comparison of TVIP scores for bottom and top quartilesfor children in wealth distribution was studied. These evidences showed that socioeconomicgradients and shortfalls in cognitive development among the children in developing countries arescarce. It was observed that early language development showed differences among children inpoorer and wealthier households. The main findings suggested that difference in income levelsand other well-being measures may seem apparent in adulthood, however, important for earlychildhood development.Psychological theoryLev Vygotsky’s Sociocultural theory of cognitive development is best applied to the maintheme for the chosen article. This theory explains that cultural-historical aspects affect cognitivedevelopment in children. Culture and history greatly affect the mental functions like reasoning
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