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Cohesive and Non-Cohesive Teams Assignment

Added on - 14 Jun 2021

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Running head: COHESIVE AND NON-COHESIVE TEAMCohesive and Non-Cohesive TeamName of the Student:Name of the University:Author note:
COHESIVE AND NON-COHESIVE TEAM1All the organisations are likely to perform well when their employees workeffectively as one team. A good teamwork automatically builds up synergy where thecollaborative impact of the team is always higher when compared to the total of individualefforts. This paper is going to elaborate on discussion of the strengths and weaknesses ofcohesive and non-cohesive teams. It will shed light on their application to the highperformance organisations as well.The tem cohesion is refers to the sum of forces that acts on the team members in orderto stay in a specific group. A cohesive is a team or a group in which a group of individualconnects to work on achieving their similar interests (John, Mani and Seligmann 2013). It is ateam that has a very well-defined group norms and roles, a well-defined goals, an identity ofa positive team, a good and favourable relationship among the team members, positiveenergy and good communication. All the team members in a cohesive team have sharedresponsibility, mutual respect, trust, unity and a willingness to cooperate among themselves.They take pride in synergy and membership. In turn this will result in increase inorganisational productivity. The strength of cohesive teams lies in their unity and oneness.The more powerful is a team in terms of cohesiveness, the more will it encourage peakedperformance among its team members (Daspit et al. 2013). Here, the team members alsolearn about the strengths and weaknesses of each other. However, there are few significantweaknesses as well. Maintaining a team is not that easy task. In many teams, there could be atendency for the members to sit back and see their team mates’ work. Also, there are someworkers who finds it comfortable to work individually and therefore, they do not workefficiently when working within a team. This makes it very difficult to operate its projectsuccessfully. Also, the possibility of rising conflict become high when working in a cohesiveteam as because of the fact that in a team there is diversity in ideas and thinking as there aremany individual involved. Also, there is a possibility of team conformity when the team
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