COIT20249 Ethical Dilemma in an Organization

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Running head: PORTFOLIO 3Portfolio 3: Responding to an Ethical ScenarioName of the Student:Name of the University:
1PORTFOLIO 3Analyzing the ethical dilemma in an organization and recommended solutionWhen I got to know about the ethical dilemma of my colleague, then I will report theentire incident to my supervisor and ask him for advice. If I think that I will do nothing andcontinue with my maintenance work, then it will happen again and again, which is not a rightthing. No, I will not tell my friends and go public with this information as because then thesituation will spread over all and it will put a bad reputation into the organization. The supervisorwill take the actions against the colleague. According to “ACS Code of Ethics and the ACS Codeof Professional Conduct”, it is being demonstrated that a profession is needed to be abided by thecode of ethics. This regulation is applied to the member who works into field of ICT (Leicester,2016). As the colleague is failed to follow the code, therefore it leads to disciplinary action byACS. The organization should follow a strict rules and regulations regarding admission of thestudents under the scholarship scheme as required level of academic performance is required toreceive the scholarship. Warren et al. (2016) stated that the actions should be taken in the organization toimplement a good culture. The elements of ACS Code of Ethics are predominance of the concernof community, improvement of the excellence of life, honesty, competence, professionaldevelopment and professionalism (Dzombak, 2017). The employees should place the interest ofthe public above the individual as well as industry interests. They will struggle to improve thequality of life those are precious by the work. They will work with complete diligently for thestakeholders (McDermid, 2015). A professional growth is required in the organization among thecolleagues as well as staffs so there is no conflict among them. The code of the professionalconduct is intended as guidelines to accept professional conducts. The staffs should be trained

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