Collective Bargaining at Astar Report

Added on - 21 Apr 2020

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Running head: COLLECTIVE BARGAINING AT ASTARCollective Bargaining at AstarName of the Student:Name of the University:Author Note:
1COLLECTIVE BARGAINING AT ASTARPart I(a):The following rules and guidelines should be followed in relation to settling ofhighlighted issue of employees’ claim to receive fixed tenure of break on every working day.The factory manager of Precisions Watch Factory has pointed out these issues.1. The workers should be allowed a fixed period of time during which they should be able toenjoy socialising with each other. The workers should get it without having to approach themanagement for it. If the management does not agree to allow the workers the fixed amountof time to socialise, the workers have the right to stop work and take any measure they deemfit to get their demands fulfilled.2. The workers should arrange for legal advisors who can provide them with timely advisesregarding their rights and entitlements as workers. The legal advisors should educate workersabout the labour laws and safety laws, which give protection to them against the exploitationof the management. The advisors should educate the workers about acts like the Fair WorkAct 2009 in Australia, which gives workers in Australia minimum amount of pay, leaves andright to lead a normal life and socialise.3. The legal representative of the management should fix dates for discussion only when thefour parties participating in the dispute namely, the management, its legal representatives, theworkers and their legal representatives. The lawyers from both the sides should ensure fixingof dates convenient to each other and legal recourse if one of the parties refuses to cooperate.4. The laws like Fair Work Act 2009 give power to the workers to approach the court of lawif they feel they are suffering exploitation and the management is not fulfilling their basicdemands. The workers can ask for help from the court even without the permission of theemployer.
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