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College of Business AdministrationMKT 301: Consumer BehaviourGroup Project (Spring 2017)An important aspect of the course is the group project. This project will be donein a group of 2 to 5. The group project will be in the form ofa REPORT of 3,000 -5000 words. While the format may normally be a business report, it is importantthat you read the following carefully and in consultation with your faculty decideon the best format to use in the work. In Marketing there are no "model answers"to situations and thus there is not a single correct way of dealing with the topicthat you choose. The distinction between a good answer and one that isnot so good is in the analysis and clear response to the topic/s. In yourreport, provide justification for the solutions that you suggest. Assignment: In this project, each group is expected to focus on a companydealing with consumer services (i.e. a company that sells services to finalconsumers, focus on any one of their services). The purpose of this project is toenhance understanding of the various aspects associated with consumerbehavior.Your report should:1.Introduction: Provide a brief description of the company and its services.2.Identify the target audience for the service3.Identify the bundle of attributes (i.e. features) of the chosen servicepresented by the company for the target consumers consideration4.Illustrate the modifications made to your service to serve the culturallydiverse population in the UAECOBA. MKT 301. Spring2017. Group Report | 1

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