Combating Criminal Narcotics Activity

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Running head: COMBATING CRIMINAL NARCOTICS ACTIVITY ALONG THE1Combating Criminal Narcotics Activity along the Southern BorderFrank CaniniAJS/594 Program Development and EvaluationAugust 13, 2016Dr. Duane Benton
Running Head: COMBATING CRIMINAL NARCOTICS ACTIVITY ALONGTHE2IntroductionThe city of El Paso, Texas shares the southern border with Juarez, Mexico, making it agateway to the U.S. drug market. Once known as the Murder Capital of the World, drug cartelshave been in a war to control the city for their lucrative drug smuggling operations (Quionones,2016). This battle at the border between cartels, the Mexican government, and the Americangovernment has led to murder counts in the thousands labeling the Mexican city as the World’sMost Violent City. This violence carries over into El Paso and poses a major threat for the cityand its residents. The growing concerns over the violence at the border have the United Statesgovernment scrambling to develop an effective plan that reduces the violence and preventsillegal drug smuggling across the border.Combating Criminal Narcotics Activity along the Southern BorderWest Texas has been experiencing a flood of illicit drugs making it across the border andthroughout the Lone Star State. Mexican drug cartels are continuously developing new ways tosmuggle drugs and humans across the border into Texas through this region. As a result of theincrease in violence and illegal activity in this region, The Mexican government has estimatedthat as manyas 28,000 peoplehave been slaughteredby the drug cartels since 2007 (Synder,2010). No city in the U.S. even comes close to these astonishing numbers and volume of drug-related violence.Though many people would argue the best solution to this problem would be to constructbarriers at the border, this would strain international relations with our southern neighbor.International trade and cooperation between the two governments prevents such drastic measuresto fight the violence in the El Paso-Juarez region. A joint effort on the parts of the American andMexican governments can effectively eradicate a large part of the problem and significantly
Running Head: COMBATING CRIMINAL NARCOTICS ACTIVITY ALONGTHE3reduce the amount of dead bodies discovered on both sides of the border. The United Statesgovernment in conjunction with the Texas Department of Public Safety with cooperation fromthe Mexican government can collaboratively develop enhanced border security.Criminal Justice ProgramFor law enforcement to effectively combat the activity at the border, they must develop anunderstanding of the extent of the problem. As a result of the growing violence and illegalactivity in the area, El Paso is becoming a dangerous city in its own right and the crime ratecontinues to increase as a result. Crime rates have soared in recent years within the city withrates settling above the national average (Hernandez, 2012). These changes are a drastic changefrom the past when El Paso was considered among the safest United States cities comprised ofover 500,000 residents. El Paso alone has experienced almost 2,000 violent crimes per yearexcluding those crimes from across the border in Juarez. According to El Paso PoliceDepartment’s statistics and analysis, crimes including weapons charges, drug seizures, andhuman trafficking crimes have been omitted (Hernandez, 2012). When considering thisinformation and estimating the number of unreported crimes, we can only speculate exactly howhigh the crime rates in the region actually are. In fact the number of unreported crime could befar greater than the reported violent crimes.The purpose of the proposed criminal justice program is to secure the border around the ElPaso-Juarez region to reduce narcotics from entering the U.S. This has become a favoritepipeline for cartels to get their drugs over the border to hit the profitable U.S. market through ElPaso where the drugs are then distributed throughout major drug hubs that include New York,Miami, and Los Angeles. Border security currently lies in the jurisdiction of the FederalGovernment with little responsibility given to state and local authorities. The state of Texas will
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