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Writing & Research Assignments1COMM 1312: Writing and ResearchCourse AssignmentsASSIGNMENT6: WRITINGTHECONCLUSIONOFTHERESEARCHPAPERDue Date:Late assignments will not be accepted.Objective:The objective of the conclusion of your research paper is to provide (an)answer(s), make proposals or judgments, and bring your project to a close. Thisassignment will assist you restate your thesis, reach a decision, discuss theimplications of your findings, and close out your project.Tools and Resources:Writing Research Papersby Lester & Lester Chapters 12, 13 & 15Associated Craft ChaptersCourse Documents (including power point presentations and sample papers)www.surveymonkey.comwww.citationmachine.netwww.easybib.comwww.bibme.orgBlackboardMicrosoft OfficeRequirements:Writ 5 paragraphsParagraph 1Write 4 -12 sentences to restate the thesis of your project.Paragraph 2Write 4 – 12 sentences on the findings of one of your topics.Assignment 6
Writing & Research Assignments2Paragraph 3Write 4 – 12 sentences on the findings ofanotherof your topicsParagraph 4Write 4 – 12 sentences on the implications of your findings(You may write more than one paragraph if necessary)Paragraph 5Write 4 – 12 sentences to close out your paperAssessment:oThis assignment is 5% of the final grade.oSee rubrics attached.Assignment 6
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