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COMM 2312 Technical and Professional Communication.

Added on - 18 Sep 2019

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COMM 2312 Technical and Professional CommunicationDr. Mark J. OlsonAssignment 3 (15%)Presentation of a Business ProposalPurpose of AssignmentThe purpose of this assignment is to help students to learn how to write a business proposal,to understand the dynamics and requirements of a modern economy and to help them expressmature judgment and critical thinking.ObjectivesThe students will be able to know the elements of a business proposal.The students will identify the style and the format of such a technical and professionaldocument.The students will be able to express a professional point using a business proposal.The students will show critical thinking and plausible logical argumentation when pitchingtheir business proposal.It is optional for students to record their presentation in class, so they can add it to theirportfolios.Requirements:A group of students will select a realistic business project that they have to research,plan and lay out to the proposal stage. The research has to be authentic, that means ifyou put in the numbers for salaries, they have to be realistic as well as the amount forrent etc.The students should imagine that they now have 500.00 SAR base capital and will needone million more. They will imagine presenting their business proposal to a bank orsponsor so they will be able to start. It is therefore necessary that they convince theaudience not only of the soundness of their business idea but also the capability of theproject leaders and ultimate CEOs. All ethical businesses are allowed but the approvalof the instructor is required.1
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