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Commercial Cookery1COMMERCIAL COOKERYNameCourseProfessor’s NameUniversityCity (State)DateCommercial Cookery
Commercial Cookery2Roosters for the Spinach RestaurantAs the general manager of the Spinach Restaurant, I have the obligation to create a two-week rosterthat will enable the establishment provide high quality services for its customers within a short period oftime(Belbin, 2011). There are employees in both the front and back ends of the business and there aresupervisors designated to both areas. The business serves dinner only from Tuesday to Saturday and itserves brunch on Sundays. Therefore, from Tuesdays to Saturdays, the restaurant is open from 1500hours to 2300 hours. On Sundays, the restaurant is open from 0700 hours to 1500 hours. The restaurantserves food and beverages and it has a seating capacity of one hundred people. The first week beginsfrom 6thto 12thNovember and the second week is from 13thto 19thNovember.The supervisors work for 45 hours every week for a fixed wage of $1200 and they have all signed anEnterprise Agreement. As the manager, I also work for a minimum of 45 hours every week. All theemployees at the Spinach Restaurant are employed under the Hospitality Industry (General) Award 2010that was effected from 01/07/2017(Jackson, Renwick and Jabbour, 2011).The ratio of workers to customers during the Sunday brunch hours is 1 employee for every 30customers. On the other days during dinner periods, the ratio of workers to the customers is 1:20. Theremust also be a minimum of one member of staff when the restaurant is opening and at least two staffmembers when the restaurant is closing.All the employees work for seven and a half hours every shift with a thirty minutes break in the courseof the shift. The main employees work for six days each week which totals to forty-five hours everyweek. The rest are casual employees who are paid based on the amount of time they work. The roostersfor a two-week period have been provided below.X
Commercial Cookery3WEEK ONE; Front end employeesMondayTuesdayWednesdayThursdayFridaySaturdaySundayAnusha(manager)RDO1500-1800 (3hrs.)1830-2300(4.5 hrs)1500 - 1800(3 hrs)1830 - 2300(4.5 hrs)1500-1830(3.5 hrs)1900-2300(4 hrs)1500-1930 (4.5hrs) 2000-2300 (3hrs)1500-1730(2.5 hrs)1800-2300(5 hrs)0700 -0900 (2hrs)0930 -1500 (5hrs)Suzie(level1supervisor)RDO1500-1730(2.5 hrs)1800-2300 (5hrs)1500 - 1930(4.5 hrs)2000 - 2300(3 hrs)1500 -1830 (3.5hrs) 1900 -2300 (4hrs)1500-1730 (2.5hrs) 1800-2300 (5hrs)1500 -1830 (3.5hrs) 1900 -2300 (4hrs)0700 -1000 (3hrs) 1030- 1500(4.5 hrs)Adam(cleaner)RDO1500-1830(3.5 hrs)1900-2300 (4hrs)1500 - 1830(3.5 hrs)1900 - 2300(4 hrs)1500-1730(2.5 hrs)1800-2300(5 hrs)1500-1830 (3.5hrs) 1900-2300 (4hrs)1500-1730(2.5 hrs)1800-2300(5 hrs)0700 -1030 (3.5hrs) 1100- 1500 (4hrs)Simon(level 1barkeeper)RDO1500-1930(4.5 hrs)2000-1500 -1730(2.5 hrs)1800 - 2300(5 hrs)1500 -1800 (3hrs) 1830 -2300 (4.51500-1930 (4.5hrs) 2000-2300 (31500 -1800 (3hrs) 1830- 2300 (4.50700 -1100 (4hrs) 1130- 1500
Commercial Cookery42300 (3hrs)hrs)hrs)hrs)(3.5 hrs)Mary(level2barkeeper)RDO1500-1800 (3hrs)1830-2300(4.5 hrs)1500 - 1800(3 hrs)1830 - 2300(4.5 hrs)1500 -1930 (4.5hrs) 2000 -2300 (3hrs)1500-1800 (3hrs)1830 -2300 (4.5hrs)1500 -1930 (4.5hrs) 2000 -2300 (3hrs)0700 -0900 (2hrs)0930 -1500 (5hrs)Martin(level 3barkeeper)RDORDORDO1500-1830(3.5 hrs)1900-2300(4 hrs)1500 -1730 (2.5hrs) 1800- 2300 (5hrs)1500-1830(3.5 hrs)1900-2300(4 hrs)0700 -1030 (3.5hrs) 1100- 1500 (4hrs)Esther(level 1waitress)RDORDORDO1500-1800(3 hrs)1830 -2300 (4.5hrs)1500-1830 (3.5hrs) 1900-2300 (4hrs)1500-1800(3 hrs)1830 -2300 (4.5hrs)0700 -1000 (3hrs) 1030- 1500(4.5 hrs)Lionel(level2 waiter)RDORDORDO1500-1830(3.5 hrs)1900-2300(4 hrs)1500-1830 (3.5hrs) 1900-2300 (4hrs)1500-1830(3.5 hrs)1900-2300(4 hrs)RDOLucy(level4barkeeper)RDORDORDORDO1500-1800 (3hrs)1500-1800(3 hrs)1830 -RDO
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