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SEASONAL MENU1Types of customersTravellers:Cuisine Styles used in establishmentMulti cuisine restaurantMenu types used in the establishmentSeasonal MenuBest selling menu itemsExampleCostEntreeScallops with sweet cornPuree, Prosciutto & LemonbutterCrispy Bocconcini withtomato chilli sauceRicotta Lasagne Pots withPesto$156.25$50.10$54.55SoupWinter vegetable soup withchive pestoStracciatella SoupPea & Ham Soup$43.10$41.74$45.95MainOne Pot beef & beer stewwith horseradish dumplingsRoast Lamb with datestuffing & mint couscousGnocchi with chilli & babybroccoli$122.25$58.45$32.65DessertDate & Apple cakes withcaramel sauceLemon & Almond DeliciousCaramel dipping sauce withfresh fruit$15.56$47.55$74.20SpecialCheesy meatball skillet withgarlic croutons$67.821
Amazing slow-cooker mulledwineMartha's raspberry-chocolatepie$51.50$23.75Entree1. Standard Recipe CardTotal cost:$156.25Standard Recipe CardName of dishScallops with sweetcorn Puree,Prosciutto &Lemon butterPortion nos.:ReferenceSourcePortion size.:Portion costSale Price at( %Food Cost)CommoditiesItemSpecificationWeightkg/I/unitCost perkg/I/unitActual cost ($)Olive oilExtra Virgin OliveClassic750 mL$2.00 per 100mL15ButterWestern StarOriginal Saltedbutter250g$1.48 per 100g3.7Garlic clovesGarlic Paste140g$0.29 per 10g44 French ShallotsPeeled and finelychopped200g$13.00 per 1Kg2.5Sweet CorncobsKernels removed2 packets$2.75 per 1Ea5White wineWine Bundle BuyMarlborough1 each$1.22 per 100mL552
Sauvignon SixProsciuttoBertocchi ProsciuttoSlices, finelychopped100g$65.00 per Kg6.5CreamPure cream300ml$0.77 per 100mL2.330 ScallopsHalf shell300ml$22.90 per dozen57.25Lemon1 tablespoon lemon1 each$2.00 per 1Ea2Fresh continentalparsley leavesAustralianContinental Parsley15g$2.00 per 10g3Methods:Step1:Heat 1 tbs of oil and 50g of butter over medium heat in a frying pan. Add shallot andgarlic, heat it till get soften. Now, stir in corn kernels again for a minute. Add wine, heat it forsome minutes then add water. Now covered the pan and heat for 5 to 7 minutes again until corngets tender then cool it for approx.15 minutes.Step2:Now, heat 1 teaspoon of olive oil in a non-stick pan on medium heat and cook prosciuttofor 1 to 2 minutes, till it gets brown and crispy. Now, transfer it to a plate which is lined withpaper towel.Step3:Now process the corn mixture, 1 tablespoon of oil and cream in food processor. Now,heat half of the remaining oil and butter (15g) over high-medium heat in a frying pan. Cook halfof scallops till get golden and transfer it to a plate. Repeat the same procedure for remainingscallops and keep warm.Step4:Now put remaining butter to pan and cook swirling pan for 2 to 3 minutes. Now stirlemon juice.Step5:Bring three reserved shells on each plate and divide mixture of corns among these shells.Now top it with scallops, drizzle over mixture of butter and sprinkle some prosciutto over it.Season it with pepper and top with parsley.Nutritional values:Energy1194 KJFat total22g3
Saturated fat10gProtein13gFibre3gCholesterol65mgSodium500.3mgCarbs (sugar)3gCarbs (total)7g2. Standard Recipe CardTotal cost:$50.10Name of dishCrispy Bocconciniwith tomato chillisaucePortion nos.:ReferenceSourcePortion size.:Portion costSale Price at( %Food Cost)CommoditiesItemSpecificationWeightkg/I/unitCost perkg/I/unitActual cost ($)FlourWhite plain flour1Kg$0.75 per 1Kg0.75Eggs, lightlybeatenCage eggs 12 pack700g$0.43 per 100g3BreadcrumbsdriedKooka A KrumbPanko breadcrumbs190g$1.58 per 100g3CheeseVegetarian/Parmesan hard450g$1.73 per 100g7.75Baby bocconcinicheeseDrained220g$5.50 per 100g12.1Vegetable oilColes Vegetable Oil4 L$0.22 per 100mL8.8TomatoesAnnalisa DicedTomatoes400g$3.50 per 1Kg1.44
Garlic clovesGarlic Paste140g$0.29 per 10g4Long red chilli,finely choppedRed CayenneChillies Looseapprox. 50g$22.00 per 1Kg1.1SugarBrown sugar500g$0.44 per 100g2.2Red wine vinegarItalian Red WineVinegar500 mL$0.60 per 100mL3Basil leavesBasil Punnet Freshfinely chopped15g$2.00 per 10g3Methods:Step1: Tomato Chilli-sauce- Take tomato, chilli, vinegar, sugar and garlic in a pan and heat iton medium flame. After boiling reduce heat to low. Now simmer it for 20 minutes till getthickened. Add basil and set aside for at least 10 minutes for cool. Take a stick blender forblending tomatoes.Step2:Pour egg into a bowl. Place breadcrumbs and parmesan on a plate then combine it andseason with flour to coat. Put flour into a plate. Now, for coating - dip 1 bocconcini into flour,then into egg and lastly into mixture of breadcrumb. Again re-dip the same in egg andbreadcrumb. Furthermore, freeze it for approx.20minutes.Step3:Heat oil in a pan or can wok over heat also. Now preheat the oven to 100°C/120°C fan-forced. Add bocconcini to hot oil, one at a time and deep-fry to turn into golden. By using aslotted spoon transfer the sane to a wire rack on a baking tray which is lined with paper towel.Now keep it warm in oven then serve with tomato chilli sauce.Nutritional values:Energy828 KJFat total9.1gSaturated fat3.3gProtein9.2gFibre1.9gSodium396mg5
Cholesterol56mgCarbs (total)19.3g3. Standard Recipe CardTotal cost:$54.55Name of dishRicotta LasagnePots with PestoPortion nos.:ReferenceSourcePortion size.:Portion costSale Price at( %Food Cost)CommoditiesItemSpecificationWeightkg/I/unitCost perkg/I/unitActual cost ($)Bunches trussescherry tomatoesCherry burst200g$17.50 per kg3.5Table spoon oliveoilExtra virgin750ml$2.00 per 100ml15Teaspoon groundnutmegHoyts25g0.80 per 10g2Teaspoon finelygrated lemon rindMedium lemons1Ea$1.20 per 1Ea1.2Bunch fresh basil,leaves pickedBassil punnet15g$2.00 per 10g3Garlic cloves,peeledGarlic paste140g0.29 per 10g4Finely gratedparmeasanGrated parmeasancheese40g$16.00 per 1kg1.6Toasted pine nutsDucks brand55g$85.00 per 1kg4.25Olive oilExtra virgin80ml$2.00 per 100ml15Fresh basil leavesBasil punnet15g$2.00 per 10g3Bunch rocket,Australian baby60g$33.34 per 1kg26
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