Hospitality Assignment: Commercial Hospitality

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Running head: COMMERCIAL HOSPITALITYCommercial HospitalityName of the UniversityName of the StudentAuthor note
1COMMERCIAL HOSPITALITYIntroductionHospitality is an ancient concept and it is associated with the gracious and munificentgreeting of guests at home or any other place. The connotation of hospitality however, hasmodified with time, if not changed. In addition, its application has also expanded and it is nolonger limited within the confinement of home. In fact, a simple gesture of warmth andgraciousness has now transformed into a multibillion-dollar industry.The essay discusses commercial hospitality on details and tries to justify the statementthat it is merely an extension of hospitality at home. The essay follows a chronological orderbeginning with a detailed definition of hospitality. It is then followed by an overview ofhospitality at home. This hospitality extended to give birth to commercial hospitality that peoplewitness in various sectors, accommodation in particular. The essay focuses primarily on thehospitality business concerning accommodation and customer preferences when it comes to thisaspect.Defining hospitalityHospitality as defined earlier is the simple gesture of welcoming and treating guests in agracious manner. Kirillova, Gilmetdinova and Lehto (2014) have provided a differentperspective of hospitality. According to them, hospitality is interpreted as per the beliefs upheldin one’s own community. They state that hospitality depends on the ideals and beliefs propagatedby a certain community or religion. A gesture of kindness for one might be an insulting gesturefor the other. Nonetheless, the basic criteria remain the same across all communities andreligions- satisfying the guests.
2COMMERCIAL HOSPITALITYThis age-old tradition has given rise to an industry that is ever growing. The hospitality industryprovides broad range of services to the customers and focuses solely on their satisfaction. Thehospitality industry is primarily categorized into three broad areas that are accommodationscomprising hotels and other similar businesses, food and beverage comprising restaurants, clubsand such businesses and travel and tourism including trains, cruise ships airlines.(Kandampullyet al. 2014)is of the view that the services that encompass the hospitality industry although not anecessity but do comprise an important part of people’s lives. The author further augments theview by pointing out the exceptional rise of demand in this industry. This can also be identifiedfrom the evidence that an entire subject of study has been dedicated to this industry. Hospitalitymanagement is pursued by millions of people around the globe that proves the growing demandof the industry.Hospitality in the homeThe very concept of hospitality as already mentioned, began from home and does eventoday. People always try to welcome their guests, either relatives or friends or any acquaintancewith warmth and in a generous manner. Likewise, those who visit other’s homes expect to betreated nicely. Being warm, generous and well behaved to guests involves asking them for foodor drinks, enquiring whether they had any trouble reaching and so on. Every person visitingexpects these common gestures from the host and vice versa. The main and common goal, thusfor the people providing hospitality is the visitor’s satisfaction. When people visit any relative’sor friend’s home, the first thought that comes to their mind is the similarity the home has to theirown. They try to feel the vibe they get at their own homes. To a host, it is an achievement whenvisitors get the similar feeling as their own home (Kwok and Yu 2013).
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