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Running head:COMMODITY LIFECYCLE OF BATTERIES 1Commodity Lifecycle of BatteriesNameInstitution Affiliation
COMMODITY LIFECYCLE OF BATTERIES2OriginBatteries are made in chemical manufacturing plants in the United States. The cellcylinder is mainly nickel-plated steel that is extracted from different metals. There is a separatorthat then divides the cathode from the anode and is made of synthetic material made frompolymers such as petroleum-based chemicals. The batteries consist of manganese oxide,graphite, and potassium hydroxide which are the primary components that make up the cathode.These elements are metals extracted from the ground. The anode in most cases consists of zincpowder, and potassium hydroxide electrolyte also extracted from the earth. The materials areobtained mainly through mining (Johnson, 2018).Uses/Purchase/ Relationship to the CommodityThe product can be purchased from all the retail points across the country including themalls, supermarkets, and local shops. There are some of the retailers that have specialized inselling batteries alone such as Battery Mart in the United States. Cells are portable sources ofenergy and hence can be put into a variety of uses on a daily basis. Around the house I use thebatteries in the remotes, weighing scales, in my digital camera and many home maintenancetools. My laptop and cell phone also use batteries, and I use them frequently every other day. Iam attached to this commodity since I need it most of the time.Media viewThe media views the product as an essential commodity in the daily lives of the people.With this, the media is always reporting on any advancement made to improve the product’sperformance. The press expects that the scientist should pick up the matter and work onadvancing the sustainability of the batteries to function better. More so the press sees the needfor more research to be conducted on the product to ensure the safety of the users. The media is
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