Strategic Information System for Commonwealth Bank of Australia


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Part 1:
Business background
In this report, the chosen business is Commonwealth Bank of Australia. This bank is a
multinational bank with branches all over the world. This bank was establishes and started its functioning
under the Australian Government in the year 1911.The headquarters of the Commonwealth bank is
located at Sydney , Australia Earlier the bank was owned by the government of Australia and later on , in
the year of 1966 the bank got converted into private bank(Chomik and Piggott 2016). This bank is
considered as one of the largest bank with good reputation. This is ranked among the top four banks of
Australia. It has its branches across U.K., Fiji and several part of the world. Commonwealth Bank
provides service related to the finance in different fields this includes loans related to education, home
loans and many more. In the year 2015 Commonwealth bank has been ranked as one of the best banks by
Australian Securities Exchange.
Type of Industry:
Commonwealth Bank provides banking and financial services for their employees. The
organization contains 51,800 employees by the year 2017 (Williams 2018). The Commonwealth bank
provides bank structure that includes retail banking structure, services for premium business, wealth
management and executive leadership. The presence of this bank internationally includes providing retail
bank in New Zealand, providing investment in the banking sector of China, providing representative
office in china, life insurance business among the people of Indonesia. The bank provides services
including credit cards, savings and transaction accounts and loans. Commonwealth bank is among the
largest banking sector and biggest ATM network. This bank also provides services to those people who
are planning to move to Australia. The bank also offers net banking, with the help of net banking one can
transfer money, withdraw and can manage the account.

General Environmental Analysis:
The environment of the business is being analyzed on some factors. The first factor that affects
the environmental analysis is the political factor, this cam impact the bank in terms of achieving
profitability. Commonwealth bank is among the top four banks of Australia thus it can achieve huge
success by managing and planning the risk that are likely to get influenced by the political environment.
The political environment is being analyzed on the basis of some rules and regulations and the privacy
maintained. The commonwealth bank has changed form a government bank to a private bank over time;
this has helped the bank to increase the returns for shareholders and managers of the bank. The new laws
and regulation of financial deregulation has affected the people of Australia in a disastrous way.
Economic Factors:
The economic factors that influence the Commonwealth bank of Australia are the growth rate,
investments made by their client and many more aspects. Th trajectory path that determines the growth
rate along with the organization name is measured with the help of RAC; this shows the capital position
of the bank. The bank is associated with strengthen their regulation under the Basel III capital framework
(Upadhyay et al. 2016). This can affect the savings of the bank or can improve in managing the capital
of the individuals.
Social Factors
Social factors are the cultural attributes of an organization that will create an impact in the
society. Commonwealth bank has a great influence on making and supporting the community by
proposing offers related to financial literacy programs and by creating collaboration with several other
communities and associations as well. In addition to all this features, the Commonwealth bank allows
their employee to engage with other community and organizations so that they can promote across the

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