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Sociology - Communicate Beyond the Confines of his Culture

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Added on  2020-02-19

Sociology - Communicate Beyond the Confines of his Culture

   Added on 2020-02-19

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1SOCIOLOGYIntroduction: There can be no gain stating the fact that in case of intercultural discourse,communication plays a crucial role, as it not only helps the person with different cultural identityexpress his views and opinions freely, but also because it acts as a marker of the speaker’scultural identity. It is the distinct identity of the individual that determines how the individual isperceived in an inter-cultural social set up. Each society has a distinct set of beliefs, norms andideologies that determine which communication or interaction is considered to be feminine ormasculine, or which behavior is regarded as transgressive and which is deemed to be sociallyacceptable. Thus, while an individual or an organization seeks to communicate beyond theconfines of his culture, his or her very gender identity may impede the development of effectivecommunication. For example, while communicating with an individual having a distinct culturalidentity, belonging to a conservative nation like Saudi Arabia, a woman may encounter difficultyin attaining validation, simply because of the stereotypes imposed on her gender by the culture(Sorrells, 2015). While for the Westerners, it is absolutely normal to exchange looks or shakehands with people of opposite sex, the same thing in a conservative Islamic culture may landthem in trouble. Hence, the thesis statement of this report is to critically analyze what role doesgender identity play in intercultural communication, as well as to evaluate which steps can helpin developing healthy intercultural relations, regardless of the stereotypical gender identities(Langevin, 2014). Discussion:
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2SOCIOLOGYAlthough gender identity has more than often been used synonymously with the sexualidentity of an individual, it should be noted that while the latter is defined by the biologicalidentity an individual is born with, the latter explains which sexual identity does the individualwish to relate with. Thus, unlike the sexual identity of a person, gender identity is a free, flexibleconcept that a student is free to choose. It should be noted that the developmental psychologiststend to define gender identity as the tendency of an individual to act and feel in a masculine or afeminine way. Most of the countries not only possess a distinct culture, but it also requires itsnative people or even outsiders remain adherents to the cultural norms of gender identity. Oftenin case of organizations engaging cross-cultural trade, and intercultural communicationencounter trouble with its employees strictly adhering to the internalized standard of gender, andhence getting viewed as a potential threat to the cultural values of the place. In this connection, itwould be interesting to note, that gender identity should be a flexible one, where each individual,belonging to any cultural domain must be allowed to enjoy autonomy, to act, interact andbehavior whatsoever way he or she pleases to (Reisner et al., 2015). In today’s global era,employees need to visit foreign nations, engage with people of different cultural backgroundsand communicate. In case of deviant behavior, as per the cultural norms of the country, theemployees as individual members of the society often encounter cultural resistance. For ages, thefemale identity has been expected to revolve around the qualities of dependence andsubservience, while the male identity has been expected to revolve around domination andindependence (American Psychological Association, 2015). However, in a globalized era of thepresent world, people of different cultural views face each other and interact, and they peopleoften have different ways of relating to each other. Hence, this is high time that the people ofdifferent cultural backgrounds do not constrain themselves while dealing with different gender
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3SOCIOLOGYidentities, but rather aim at creating salutogenic, multifold and intercultural identities that canhelp in connecting people of different nations and cultural backgrounds. The gender identity plays an important role in the intercultural communication. Itgenerally helps to lessen the gap between various cultures and their way of communication. Theability of gender identity begins at home and it creates awareness about the cultural values.Identities are also created through communication when the messages are exchanged among thepersons. In the United States, when the people are young they are motivated to develop a strongknowledge of identity. However this in same way in every society this identity development doesnot occur (Mallory et al., 2017). While talking about the role of the genders, people become toomuch protective about their traditions and culture. Different identities depend on the person withwhom we are communicating and the topic we are communicating about. When wecommunicate with some people in our society to whom we are attached our gender identitybecome more important to us than our national or ethical issues. The communication is the mostimportant and become successful whenever the person to whom we are communicating must beable to confirm the identity of a person.In a social discussion with somebody the people are attached to, the sex or sexualintroduction personality is presumably more essential to the people than, the ethnic or nationalcharacters. Also, the communication is the best when the individuals are discussing about a topicthey believe is the best. Communication is very important for the development of identity. Whena child is born its gender identity is determined, which is very important to understand the viewsof common people on biological sex.
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