Communication and Group Dynamics

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Running head: COMMUNICATION AND GROUP DYNAMICS 1Community Care Application: Communication and Group DynamicsStudent’s NameInstitutional Affiliations
COMMUNICATION AND GROUP DYNAMICS 2Communication and Group DynamicsIt is important to note that the key to getting work correctly done in any group is through convening a meeting, however, without proper communication, leadership, and structure nothingcan be attained or realized in any organization. Leading an effective group meeting necessitates agreater deal of preparation and planning as well as having able leadership (Kuo et al., 2017). There are three major events which occurred in the Community Care meeting which makes or renders it ineffective. Firstly, the group members lacked the information necessary for decision making. It is crystal clear that the likes of Sally did not have any contribution towards the agendathus diverged to singing a happy birthday song to Teresa during the meeting. Secondly, the meeting was faced with poor listening skills, for example, Walt slithered into the meeting and spent the entire time browsing Facebook without uttering a beneficial word to the group. Thirdly,the group faces negative attitude or lack of comfort among the members. This is typically seen inthe case of Lucia who feels unease or anxious with the presence of John. Overall, the meeting faced poor leadership, lack of preparation or planning, and ego as well as poor communication skills. To create a more effective meeting, the members must employ best meeting practices including proper meeting planning and preparation, developing the agenda, establishing ground rules for the meeting among many others. Prior to the meeting, the aforementioned must be doneto ensure the meeting is effective (Serrat, 2017). Similarly, at the beginning of the meeting, the facilitator should welcome everyone to the meeting and read the previous minutes as well as the meeting’s agendas. This did not happen in the community care scenario. There was no facilitation of the meeting thus members just popped with statements which had no value to the discussion. On the other hand, during the meeting, it is important to focus on the agenda and the

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