Communication and Information Management

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Running head: COMMUNICATION AND INFORMATION MANAGEMENTCommunication and Information ManagementName of the Student:Name of the University:Author note:
1COMMUNICATION AND INFORMATION MANAGEMENTPart 1The organization is facing the problem of communication gap among all the businesscenters. To address the problem, data need to be collected and research should be performed onthat. In this scenario, the best method for data collection would be to conduct a survey on theemployees. For conducting a research, two types of data are used, primary and secondary. Thedata which is collected from the field of research is called the primary data and the one which isgathered from authentic sources, such as, journals, books, online publications, official websitesetc. While addressing the communication gap issue in this particular organization, primary datawould be most helpful. This is because, the information about the problem cannot be found inany publication. It must be collected directly from the employees and the best method would beconducting a survey (Heide & Simonsson, 2014).A questionnaire would be designed with 10-15 close ended questions that would focus onthe problems of communication gap among the centers due to distance, collaboration issue in thefunctional areas and mismanagement in sending the right information to the right person. Thesurvey should be sent via emails and have to be submitted within 36 hours.The advantage of this method of data collection is that it is easy and quick and therespondents do not have to spend much time on it (Roshan, Owen & Brooks, 2014). They willjust have to check the right answer. The answers are easier to code and analyze also. On the otherhand, the employee might skip the survey mail and forget about it unless they are reminded of,and they might not have the right information to fill up the survey. In that case, they might checkthe wrong answer due to lack of proper option.
2COMMUNICATION AND INFORMATION MANAGEMENTThe data gathering errors can be avoided by marking the survey as mandatory and remindthe employees on a regular interval to fill up the survey. Secondly, the answers for the optionsmust be wide and cover all the possibilities, so that the employees get the desired option. Lastly,there should be open ended questions also to give them the scope for providing their feedbacksand suggestions (Sebastião, Zulato & Trindade, 2017).
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