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Communication Essence for Success | Active Kids

Added on -2019-09-16

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Running Header: Communication Essence for Success1Communication Essence for SuccessNameSchool
Communication Essence for Success2E mailTo The National Children WelfareUnited KingdomSub: Need a communication trainer for imparting training to volunteers and staffs.Dear Sir/Madam,This is to draw your attention towards a self run organization named “Active Kids”, ourorganization is focused to make children aware about the benefit of green vegetables and healthydiet. “Active Kids” is a dedicated organization that has been working since 2010 for spreadingawareness among kids and their parents about the benefits of nutritious diet over junk food. Nowa day 7 out of 10 children are found to be obese, knowingly or unknowingly the inclusion of junkfood in diet has dragged them to many unwanted diseases. Hence being an inseparable part ofsociety, our organization has found that it is its social responsibility to make kids understandabout the demerits of junk diet, kids are the pillar of nation so “Active Kids” is indirectly tryingto serve nation.On the mission to give our nation a healthy and strong future pillar, Active Kids has hired newstaff for covering more areas of the country and spread the information to our target audience.The new team of staff is naïve and they are encountering communication barriers like the lack ofknowledge of communication tools, less information about the communication process and some
Communication Essence for Success3basic demographic knowledge. So all these lead to incomplete communication process and thedesirable result is not yield. Hence it is requested to arrange a training team who can givetraining to the new staff and help them work better in the field.Thanking youWith RegardsS JonesMD, Active Kids
Communication Essence for Success4IntroductionIn today’s era any new product or service can reach zenith with the help of propercommunication skill. The need to speak and make people understand about the various servicesis done only with the help of proper communication channel. Before hitting the target audiencewith the idea, it is very necessary to know about the medium of communication for spread ofmessage. The concept of “Active Kids” also depends and relies a lot on communication and it isvery important to know about the channel of communication that is to be used in spreading themessage to attain its objectives and goals.Active KidsWe all know that kids are the future of any nation and a good nation can only be built if its kidsare healthy. With the introduction of junk foods, kids seem to be more attracted towards theirtaste and flavor. The fact is that despite having good taste of these foods, one fails to derivenutrition from these, kids and young adults only get saturated fat, cholesterol and Trans fat fromthese eatables. All these results in diseases like diabetes, heart diseases, uric acid, hypertensionetc at a very early age. Active Kids is trying its best to make sure that young kids of nation get aninsight about the effects of overtake of these eatable. Active Kids is using communication as amedium to express their concern over this topic.

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