Communication in Health Care

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Running head: COMMUNICATION IN HEALTH CARECommunication in health careName of the studentName of the universityAuthor note:
1COMMUNICATION IN HEALTH CARETable of ContentsTask 1: 2:
2COMMUNICATION IN HEALTH CARETask 1:1.1Interpersonal communication is one of the most important core structural elements of thehuman life, without interpersonal communication, human society cannot be sustained.However, when there is the abundance of the communication related issues when it comes toa health care setting, especially when a culturally diverse patient population is involved.Similarly, in the case study involving the Mudsey hospital selected for assignment alsorepresents a patient population of different ethnic and social backgrounds, and in the face ofthis diversity, communication issues are inevitable.A communication theory that is beingabundantly used in this situation as observed is the psychoanalytical theory;it has to beunderstood that in the scenario of a health care organization, the nature of communication isnot always basic and structurally simple, in most cases the health care professionals have totake into consideration the feelings, expressions and body language of the critical patientswhile trying to decipher their needs and requirements. In case of a culturally diversepopulation, where the regular medium of communication is more or less restricted or limited,the aspect of psychoanalysis play even more crucial role, and in the scenario of Mudseyhospital, where the patient population mostly belong to a cultural background that themajority of the staff is not completely aware of, psychoanalytical approach to communicationhave been evidently noted in use.For the interpersonal communication between the health care staff, the observational datagathered can be linked to the cognitive behavioural approach to communication. In case ofthe communication in between the health care team, the highlight of the communication
3COMMUNICATION IN HEALTH CAREnetwork in place in the Mudsey hospital is the multicultural population working under thesame roof, hence, the common or most commonly used communication modes have not beenobserved being used in the health care setting for the limitations with cultural understandingand language. Hence, the cognitive behavioural communication is most abundantly used inthis sector, taking the factors like expression, approach, feelings of need, tone of voice andthoughts into interpretation. However, it can also be stated that this mode of communicationis also contributing to misinterpretation and communication issues.1.2As a placement candidate I have been employed as a member of the focus group establishedto explore and evaluate the opinion and experiences of the hospital staff so that bettercommunication strategies can be employed to improve the overall performance of the hospital.While taking on this responsibility, our main motive has been to engage the staff of the hospitalin easy conversations to determine the communication related grievances that the staff might behaving and along with that our emphasis also to gauge the experiences of the patients as well tounderstand how the communication process between the health care professionals and thepatients works as well. However, it has to be understood that in order to extract the most honestfeedback from the staff as well as the patients there is need for employing a number of keycommunication skills will be required (Flynn et al. 2012). In order communicate effectively withthe staff in order to discover their personal views and opinions I employed communication skillslike active listening, persuasiveness, confidence, engaging personality, open-mindedness andfriendlinessas guided by the theories of intercultural communication. For communicating andextracting feedback from the patients I employed compassion, open-mindedness, empathy,friendliness, respect, and clarity with concision.
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