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2INTRODUCTIONCommunication plays an important role in every aspect of business as it helps in boosting theoverall performance and assists in to build a cohesive and efficient team. A well-organizedcommunication skill are important to manage the performance of entire team andcommunicate a suitable message to large groups and reduce the risk of industrial issues bydeveloping in organizations (Reeves and et. al., 2011).Here, in this report a detailed evaluation has been accomplished to understand thesignificance of communication in healthcare industry. It can also be considered as a channelthrough which information gets exchanged among patients and doctors. A prominentcommunication channel helps in to assess the details about patients and patients communicatetheir requirements to health care staff. In this respect three different cases has been discussedon various attributes of communication and accordingly analysis has been accomplished byfocusing on development of effective communication channels as it plays an important role inthe process of change management.1.1 Relevant theories of communication to health and social care contexts“There are various theoretical approaches of communiqué that are used in this industry andcan be aligned in the given case study. As, the situation in the case depicts about a patientwho arrived for skin predicament before time in the hospital was forced to wait for 40 longminutes before getting assisted by any care taker.”Eventually medical doctor came and briefed about some antibiotics and went, as a resultpatient felt she was not properly diagnosed and have not been given any opportunity to voicefor her concerns (Charlesworth and et. al., 2010). Finally, it was found that patient was totallydissatisfied with the health care corporation and was not certain about her treatment. Here, itcan be seen that there is a clear communication gap among the staff and patient and itultimately leads to negative word of mouth for organization and dissatisfaction amongpatients. In this regard there are various theories given on proper communication in healthand social care as stated below;Psychodynamic theory – “It is grounded on the work of Sigmund Freud who statedthat the theory merges all those who are united to psyche and does includes not onlythe minds but also inner feelings that represents experiences and thoughts withdifference that precisely states about the concept that mind is not stable but remainsactive.”
3“Psychodynamic theory also talks about the fact that interactions with every person isvery important as it helps in strengthening a person’s ability to communicate and alsohelps in developing an assumption that every person writes his own history (Vactor,2011)“Other belief is that individuals lives in two worlds i.e. internal and external and everybehavior of them is done with a purpose. It is a very impactful as it helps indetermining the ways in which a person interacts within health and social care.Behavioral theory –The strong factor about this theory is that behavior of everyindividual is based on the kind of response generated from each stimuli. Behavioraltheory can be further described as a method of acquiring any language like in case ofinfants when they imitate sound that a healthcare practitioner might make. Thisfurther reinforces the ways in which infants behave leading to highlighting the currentas well as future condition.Humanistic approach – In this the main highlight is person of interest that includes thesignificance of behavior and it focuses on person centered and transactional analysis.“With respect to healthcare companies, main motive humanistic approach is to makeits customers get open within their personal experiences so that challenges can bereduced.” (Moonie, 2005)To achieve this it is crucial to frame a prominent relation among therapist and clientsand it must be realistic and accept the critical conditions of client, through thisdistance between therapist and client can be reduced.Social cognitive theory – It gives more emphasis on observational learning and givesfocus on kind of treatment the way children are nurtured in home and it helps in toshape the behavior form starting and is shaped as the child grows. “Social cognitivetheory also talks about the communication that takes place between people and theirsurroundings using theoretical competencies such as the achievements that can bemodified and molded within the environment that exists like that of between parents,guardians and societies, etc. (Wilkie and et. al., 2011)1.2Use of communication skills in a health and social care contextI ensure to make use of communication skills in a health and social care context in the bestpossible manner. Verbal communication is the main technique that is used by me tocommunicate with the patiemt and other professionals. In this aspect, I take care of tone ofvoice, speak on similar level, pitch, and never talk at back.
4Non- verbal communication is mainly carried out by me with patients who hasdifficulty in hearing. I take care of factors such as facial expression, hand gestures, bodyposture and physical appearance(Fisher, 2005).Here, in the given case the patient’s dissatisfaction raised only due to impropercommunication among professional and client. In the present situation there must be a clearverbal communication among the patient and nurse so that she could have been diagnosedwell and have provided the details about her skin problem. Active listening, open style ofquestioning and different verbal communication would have helped both patient and nurse todevelop a proper connection. Due to lack of efficient communication skills the service userwas dissatisfied with the service provided by healthcare professionals (Collins, 2009).Communication helps in to ensure that trends, best practices and innovative ideas are sharedamong health care staff for the betterment of profession and is mostly utilized through diversemediums like print and other channels. Other than this, communiqué is also used for fosteringthe relationships with the service users and also respecting their self-esteem by providingregular assistance. This will help in stimulating the overall and intellectual development ofpatients and also meeting their responsive needs.“In order to gain higher benefits from improved communiqué practices, service providers andcare takers need to deal with all out of the box practices that are being followed incommunicating with each other. Like for example, if there is any constraint in channels ofcommunication, they should be resolved at the same time so as to avoid anymisunderstanding in the professional areas concerned” (Stewart and MacIntyre, 2013).“1.3methods of dealing with inappropriate interpersonal communication1.3 Methods of dealing with inappropriate interpersonal communicationService providers in healthcare sector should be in regular interaction with each other so thatthey can understand patient’s needs and assist them in desired manner...”Here, in present case, problem arise because of lack of communication and one of the factorsthat can be considered as inappropriate practices in organizations. The patient with skinproblem in the case must be have been adequately treated firstly by the reporting nurse andassessing her issues she should have been sent to doctors chamber for proper diagnose. It isthe duty of health and social care worker to provide information to patients and provide themtreatment in a systematic manner.
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