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Communication in Professional Context

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Added on  2022-09-17

Communication in Professional Context

   Added on 2022-09-17

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Preparing a Music Festival
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Communication in Professional Context_1
Communication in Professional Context1
Organizing a Music Event
The ABC Company is an event management company that deals with arranging
music festivals especially. Whether going to any rock marathon or weekend chamber,
preparing and developing a plan for a music festival that is outdoor is always exciting. The
weather, the music the atmosphere and people present there make the music festival more
happening (Turris et al. 2016.) A three day music festival is about to happen at Downtown in
Canada. It is going to be an outdoor event where the stage will be set under a retractable roof.
For that purpose, a large tent needs to be erected from the municipal parking lot of
Planning the outdoor music festival needs to be done very carefully as it requires a lot
of safety measure and legal permission to undergo. Promotion of event, content and logistics
form the core of organizing (Luckman, 2016.) Firstly, a list needs to be prepared for the main
tasks then the specifics must be finished. Including the designation of time frame is important
for the plan and later on it is adjusted accordingly on spot as it often happens that preparation
might go slower than the estimated span of time (Westrol et al. 2017.)
To develop a successful music event, the feasible steps required to be undertaken are
discussion below:
Finding a venue: The first and foremost step of organizing the music event is to
find a venue. Our company has chosen to host this three day music festival in a
parking lot at downtown which will be an outdoor stage with retractable roof.
Keeping in mind, the convenience of the both the organizers and attendees, the venue
of parking lot has been fixed which has a retractable roof because it is not only easily
available and near but also the open roof arrangement will tend to make the area full
of crowd a bit less clumsy for fresh air. Now, a large tend needs to be approved from
Communication in Professional Context_2
Communication in Professional Context2
the downtown municipal parking lot so that there is no legal inconvenience from any
side (Dury, Novelli & Stott, 2015.)
Setting a date: The XYZ date is fixed for the event which will go on for three days.
As there is a month left for the event, enough time is generated for selling of the
tickets. Minimum four to maximum six weeks makes it enough time for arranging a
music festival.
Tickets: For any music festival, ticket is the gateway pass to enter the event. The
ticket needs to be decided at first. These are to be made either on a home computer or
hire someone to make this using a special kind of printing paper. In this music festival
going to happen in downtown, the tickets will come with a slip off at end making it
look professional. At the front side, it will show the time, venue and date of the event
and on the back side, it will show the special attractions and social media handles of
the event along with the name of this event organizing company. The price is set to be
neutral which is not a high price for advanced purchasing (Lund & Turris, 2017.) The
system of pre booking has been arranged which means that the attendees will have to
buy the tickets online. It acts as a good way for people to get the tickets and be
committed to come on the concert.
Advertise: The more advertisement the better is the recognition. This rule is majorly
followed in firms like event management. For this downtown music festival, the first
advertisement will be made on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram,
Twitter and Google Ads. The news of event will not only be shared on the official
handle of the event but also on the handles of people who are associated with making
of the event. Though a public relation tea is there but then more of advertisement ad
reach makes the amount of publicity more. Apart from that, newspaper ads, hoarding
on roads, magazine ads, radio ads on downtown radio station, and tie up with malls
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