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COMMUNICATION JOURNALSTUDENT NAME:Thinking about Peer feedback from the communication role play in Tutorial 1, your own thoughts after reflecting on the video ofyourself COMMUNICATInG, AND the results of the interpersonal communication skill test (pre-work week 1) what are yourcommunication strengths and weaknesses? Use these to formulate GOALS AND strategies for subsequent interactions.Date & TimeDESCRIBETHEINTERACTIONWhat did you think andfeel during it?What did you do well?did you achieve yourgoals?What Could you stillimprove on? 21 september 20017I interacted with manypeople such as patient andother.I felt that the nurse have somany roles andresponsibilities.AIDET The mnemonicAIDET stands forAcknowledge , introduce,duration, explanation,thank and was created toimprovethecommunication betweenclinicians and patients. Itwas initiated in response toperceived loss ofinterpersonalcommunication betweenthe care provider andpatient. The model ispredominantly focused onproviding a framework forimproving interpersonalcommunication betweenclinicians and patients, itsUtility as a means ofdeveloping patient rapportis becoming morerecognized.
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Date & TimeDESCRIBETHEINTERACTIONWhat did you think andfeel during it?What did you do well?did you achieve yourgoals?What Could you stillimprove on?
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22 september 20017Reflection provides theconnection and theawareness of unconsciousemotional processing.Reflection is not thesynonymouswithmeditation. It occurs whenan individual examine theirattitudes and reactions toan interactive experience.It reveals causes ofnegative emotionalresponses, which facilitatesunderstanding of thesereactions. It allowsresolution of these causesand, ultimately, changes inthought and thus behaviourin preparation for morepositive responses insimilar future interactions.The process of reflectionusually makes some partsof an interaction clearerand may allow the fadingor removal of other parts.Some individuals say orthinks that reflection cancertainly form thetheoretical basis of theeffective communicationas the communication witheffectiveness is impossiblewithout reflection. Theprocess of revisitingexperience to understandthe importance and to getthe results in change ofbehaviour over the timemanagement in the similarsituations with the greatersatisfaction which is alsoknown as reflectivepractice. The health professionalconsists of thoughtful andoften critical considerationof events and the reactionsoccurring during previousinteraction or time ofdecision making. Thesereflection promotes theunderstanding of thethoughts, attitudes andassociated reactions thatoccurred during thoseinteraction or whilemaking those decisions. Itcan help to facilitate moreproper decisions for thehealth and care.This is a primary methodto achieve self awarenesswhich reveals the reality ofthe unique nature of eachindividual and promotesthe understanding of selfand others. It has potentialto create new awareness ofself, also provides directionfor constructive use of thatknowledge to establish thetruth about the individualto institute differentmethods of relating,reacting and being.Reflection is the processthat facilitates theunderstanding of actionrequired to overcome theinadequacies, fears or thevulnerabilities thatmanipulate the reaction ofindividualwhencommunicating. It alsohelps in reflecting thefactors such as personality,age and other gender affectinterest in and commitmentto reflection.DATE & TIMEDESCRIBETHEINTERACTIONWhat did you think andfeel during it?What did you do well?did you achieve yourgoals?What Could you stillimprove on?23 september 20017Risk to communicatingsafety in the clinicalsettingRisks in the healthcareenvironmentareeverywhere. For example,The assignment shows thattheeffectivecommunication requiresThe process thoroughwhich an individual cangainexperience,
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