Importance of Communication Skills and Individual Performance in Business


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As communication skills are important in the workplace for the better understanding of the terms
as communication can help in building the relationship and the professional engagement in the
business. As this also helps In building the respect and trust and this also enhances the
collaboration in the business which can also lead in high performance of the employees. As in an
business individual performance matter as for the individual wellbeing and this can also helps in
increasing the level of productivity in the business. As this can also impact in the organisation
success. AS this report is about the effective communication skills which is required to result
helpful in the professional terms, As this report also involves the individual performance,
experience and behaviour of the employees in the business for the better development of the
business and for the e self and the organisational profitability.
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Communication skills is basically known as the ability for understanding and sharing of the
better information, feelings and ideas which can help the business in interacting with each other
In an effective manner. As this can help in the interaction with the different situation of life as
this involves the communication in workplace, personal interaction and public speaking. As this
is basically the skills which helps an individual in empathizing, observing, listening and speaking
effectively(Bottomley Wright and Pryjmachuk 2020). As this also involves verbal and non verbal
communication as in verbal communication speaking and writing as in the non verbal
communication can involve the signing language, facial expressions and body language. As an
strong communication skills involves the ability to absorb and this also help in understanding the
better information and ideas as this also include the ability for communicating and this also helps
in increasing the understanding of the thoughts and the ideas. As communication skills are
important in the business for the better benefits in life(Reed and Trumbo 2020.). As this helps in
expressing there information in an effective manner and this also leads in increasing the standard
of living and builds the communication abilities for the better performance in life and this can
also make the communication skills stronger(Austi 2021.). As the most important communication
skills are clarity and the concision as this involves sharing the message in the amount tit is
required not more than that or not less than that as an message should be clear and audience can
easily understand that as without any kind of misinterpretation and misunderstanding as this
helps the individual in there academic life as well as professional(MOHAMMADZADEH 2018). As
another communication skills which is important for the individuals is confidence as while
communicating an individual should be confident enough with there interactions and this is the
crucial skill which can be helpful in the corporate, personal and professional world. As this skills
also optimizes the authority of the individual and provide credibility. As there are various kind of
communication skills which is involved for the better management and this is involved as oral
communication as this is an skill which is performed in an face to face conversation is workplace
or in any meeting. Ass these skills help in conveying the message in an effective manner to the
other individual. As active listening is also one of the skill which is required to be important in
academic and in the professional terms as this can make understand other people views and
feelings as this can help in the decision making process(Knight 2020).
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