Communication Skills for Postgraduate Study

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Running head: COMMUNICATION SKILLS FOR POSTGRADUATE STUDYCommunication Skills for Postgraduate StudyName of the StudentName of the UniversityAuthor note
1COMMUNICATION SKILLS FOR POSTGRADUATE STUDYTask 1Overpopulation in India, Global IssueIntroduction“Overpopulation is a serious threat to our own existence” (Lahore, 2017). This issueshould not be addressed only in just few countries rather it is the serious issue that needs to beaddressed in the whole world. India is the clear image of increasing population as every corner ofIndia is overcrowded. This report illustrates the causes for rapid growth of population in Indiaand consequences of overpopulation. This report also discusses some of the policies and methodsto control the over population in India in order to make the pace between the rapid growth ofpopulation and economic growth.DiscussionIndia is now the living place for 1.2 billion people and by the middle of this century, thepopulation of India is predicted to increase to 1.8 billion people. According to the Indian Censusof 2011, the population of India was 1,210,193,422 which showed that India is following theChina in case of population growth. The various studies conducted by experts have estimatedthat surprisingly India will be global number one most populous country by the end of year 2025.In India, every corner of the countries accounts for overpopulation as the number ofpeople is increasing at a very fast rate compared to the growing infrastructure. The evidences ofoverpopulation can be seen in every place such as in metro station, railway station, roads,market, hospital and others. The issue of overpopulation is growing on a daily basis without anysign of control. These places are overcrowded with people just fighting to adjust itself in the
2COMMUNICATION SKILLS FOR POSTGRADUATE STUDYgiven area. For example, in hospitals and railway station people are seen suffering due to lack ofplaces such as patients in hospital are just left on grounds due to unavailability of beds and arenot treated. This has been the increasing concern about the society; however, nothing being donefor the purpose. The population has already been increasing at a very fast rate and is estimated toincrease even further (Singh, Singh, & Srivastava 2016).The evidences are seen in every city of the country such as New Delhi, the capital of thecountry alone portrays a population of 23 million. This comprises of a large part of the 1.8billion total population of the country. This shows that the megacities of the country have hugepopulation compared to small cities. Thus, a gap is instantly visible between different cities ofthe country regarding population pressure. Pressure of population is seen in the country asaccording to recent researches it is estimated that the company adds 700,000 inhabitants everyyear. This shows the percentage of population pressure the country allows in its boundary, whichis causing overcrowding in many places (Basha 2016). The amount of overpopulation is alsovisible in the society as most of the people are unable to get the access to basic amenities of life.People are stuck in lines and crowd for municipal trucks to supply waters in some of the areasespecially slums. This shows the concern and increasing Global issues in the country that arisesfrom a major issue that is overpopulation (Coale, Johnson, & Edgar 2015).The India’s population is expanding due to advancement in medical technologies andgrowth in production of agriculture (Lahore, 2017). The other cause for the growth of populationin India is that the birth rate is higher than the death rate.As it is seen that the birth rate isincreasing continuously in the country because of various reason. However, the country has beenable to reduce the death rate, there are still increasing birth rate. This the combination of lowdeath rate and increasing birth rate has increased the pressure even more on the country with no
3COMMUNICATION SKILLS FOR POSTGRADUATE STUDYsigns of control. The reason of increasing population is also visible due to betterment in thestandard of living of the people and increase in life expectancy (Cassen 2016). It is suggested bythe theory of demographic transition that after certain level of decline in birth rate and familysizes, the fertility level of the people will again increase as the country develops. Thus, theability of the country to recover from underdevelopment to development is causing negativeimpacts, which is visible from population growth (Thomas 2014).The universal practice of earlymarriage of girls still exists in the India which is also one of the causes of higher birth rate ofinfants (Phukan, 2014).Another important factor leading to overpopulation in India is the poverty as people thinkthat more children will earn more money. In addition to it, illiteracy is also one of the leadingfactors for rapid growth of the population.Another cause of overcrowding is the correlationbetween the situation of overpopulation and poverty. The correlation exists very stronglybetween these two factors as due to increasing poverty and inability of the people to buy birthcontrol measure leads to population growth. They are unable to buy the modern methods andtools by which they can control the birth of children. Moreover, poverty also leads to inability ofthe people to take good education from a well renowned place, which leads to illiteracy. Suchsituation makes it unable for the people to realize the negative effect of population growth andimportance of population control (Moghadam, & Helbich 2013).Another factor is the age old norms as in India people believes that male child is thebread earner of the families and parents are pressurised to produce the children till male child isborn(Phukan, 2014).Migration is yet another reason of growing population in the country aspeople are migrating from other country to India for various reasons. Most of the migration isillegal in the country such as from Bangladesh. These people migrate to India for some illegal
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