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Running head: COMMUNICATION STUDIESCommunication StudiesName of the Student:Name of the University:Author note:
1COMMUNICATION STUDIESThere is no gain stating the importance of effective communication in facilitatingdissemination of vital information, in the form of a message delivered from the sender to thelistener. While until a long time, communication was not being deemed as anything more than aprocess that involved the transmission of message encoded by the sender, to be decoded by thelistener or the receiver, at later times, extensive research in the field of mass mediacommunication has shed much light on two important theories of communication- the ProcessSchool of Communication and the Semiotics School of Communication (Juholin et al., 2015).While the former school of communication believes that the message communicated by thesender is free of any particular motive, and is open to any form of interpretation by the observer,the latter school believes that the observer can analyse the text, and explore meanings accordingto his socio-cultural position, which were hitherto unknown to the sender. Even if the encoderhas encoded a different meaning through the message conveyed, the decoder is not obliged toattach the same meaning, while analysing the implication o the visual image. Accordingly, thisessay intends to conduct a visual analysis of the image A and understand its various implicationsconsidering its content to be a multilevel discourse. The thesis of the research is to criticallyanalyse how the visual image explores female sexuality as observed differently by people ofdifferent sexes and different cultural origins, while interpreting the sign language of the sameimage.In order to conduct the visual analysis of the image A, the Semiotics School ofCommunication has been chosen. Hence, it is clearly evident that while analysing the visualcontent of the given picture, the methodology chosen will offer a through and careful analysis ofthe text, regardless of the medium it is presented in, or the motive of the encoder. The visual textwill not be seen as a form of creation created by any author (encoder) with a distinct meaning
2COMMUNICATION STUDIESattached to it, and this methodology of analysis would rather consider the text as an independentcreation, whose existence is absolutely independent of the intention or motive of the sender orthe interpretation of the receiver (Ruben, 2017). The methodology adopted for the visual analysisof the text will aim at careful observation and elaborate study of the signs and symbols inherentin the picture. The picture will not be taken at its face value, and rather its meaning will beinterpreted by understanding the interplay of signs and symbols inherent in the visual image. Theindexical signs will be especially taken into consideration, as the visual semiotic analysis usuallyaddresses a hierarchy of meaning in addition to categories and components of meaning. At thevery same time, as part of the methodology of the visual analysis of the picture, this essay willalso show how the same picture will be interpreted differently by people of different cultures,owing to different ways of interpreting the signs and symbols inherent in the visual image. Themethodology used for visually analysing the given picture believes in the fluidity of the message,whereby distinct meaning can be created to different sets of audience, from the very samepicture. Thus, the methodology used here will focus on how meaning transmitted through thevisual image is not fixed, or intrinsic to the image.The cultural theory of semiotic approach has been taken into consideration, whileanalysing the text, which upholds that any symbol does not have any direct relation with thereferent, and its relation is to be comprehended only in the light of reference, or the culturalcontext within which it is being interpreted (Fusaroli et al., 2015). The picture given here showsthe image of a girl, resembling Marilyn Monroe in her posture and demeanour, as she is trying tocover her dress in the same way, as the way of Monroe, while her red and golden dress, may besuggesting a life of glamour and wealth. First of all, the meaning of the given image can beconstructed differently in the light of the social and cultural identity of the observer observing
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