CCD1 - Report on Communication Technology or ICT

Added on - Mar 2020

CCD1 - This report is based on the virtual age and Information and communication technology. ICT is the process by which individuals, organizations, or governments run in the virtual world. It is an amalgamation of audiovisual networks, applications, or devices that helps individuals, governments, or organizations to interact with one another. The tools that are used in ICT are dynamic and ever-changing or upgrading. ICT is regularly used for the advancement of socio-economic development, interpersonal communication, and also intrapersonal communication at a time.

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Strategy for Integration of ICTEST-204 ICT IN EDUCATIONStudent Name
This is known as the virtual age and Information and communicationtechnology or ICT is the process by which individuals, organizations or government run inthe virtual world. It is the system by which information is processed, analyzed and sorted sothat the end user gets the information they are looking for(Martínez-Caro, Cegarra-Navarroand Cepeda-Carrión 2015). Communication is a process using medium to give or takeinformation in order to express ideas, emotions, basic information etc. ICT is anamalgamation of audiovisual networks, applications or devices that helps individuals,governments or organizations to interact with one another(Morgado et al. 2014).The communication medium has evolved itself a lot for facilitating today’s dailyactivities. ICT Stands for "Data and Communication Technologies." ICT alludes to advancesthat give access to data through broadcast communications (Akarawang, Kidrakran andNuangchalerm 2015). It is like Information Technology (IT), yet concentrates principally oncorrespondence advancements. In a previous couple of decades, data and communicationimprovements have furnished society with a huge range of new correspondence capacities.This incorporates the Internet, remote systems, PDAs, and other communicationmediums. For instance, individuals can impart progressively with others in various nationsutilising advancements, for example, texting, voice over IP, and video-conferencing.Interpersonal interaction sites like Facebook permit clients from everywhere throughout theworld to stay in contact and impart all the time (Bandyopadhyay and Thakur 2016). Currentdata and correspondence innovations have made a "worldwide town," in which individualscan speak with others over the world as though they were living adjacent. Hence, ICT isfrequently examined with regards to how present day correspondence advancementsinfluence society.The tools that are used in ICT are a dynamic and ever changing or upgrading itself.Starting from traditional transistors and radio to the progressive technologies like artificialStudent NameStudent IDEST 204
intelligence and robotics. ICT is regularly used for the advancement of socio-economicdevelopment, interpersonal communication and also intrapersonal communication at times.ICT has now enabled an individual to be connected to the rest of the world with just a click(Clark and Mayer 2016). The advancement of technology and modern medium has drasticallychanged the life of everyone. Social media is the new calling of the millennial people leadtheir life on social media. As it is so impactful and so diverse in nature ICT should be usedconsciously by everyone. It is impossible to predict or to even realize the reach and theultimate boundaries of information technology( 2017).Literature ReviewAccording to Das and Das (2015), ICT has set a new paradigm and benchmark in theeducation system in the recent times. It has made the learning process less monotonous andmore dynamic there is a plethora of medium that are available. There is a large shortage oftrained and skilled teachers, thanks to ICT there are now provisions of online classes whichfacilitates whiteboard collaboration along with sharing the content with pupils across theworld. It is of the new parameters of quality education that is taken into consideration byparents when they admit their child to an A league school or college. The present generationis growing up surrounded with information technology hence it is much easier for thisgeneration to imbibe the e-learning technicalities. In compared to the traditional learningprocess ICT has enable teachers to engage children better and have given them a wider viewof the subjects. It facilitates communicative learning process. Das and Das (2015) hasdiscussed about blended learning and how growth of ICT in the education sector is going toelevate the procedure of distance learning program. In colleges and places of highereducation ICT has a special role to play as it is enabling to remove the stigma associated todistance education, rather the technologies available is making it possible to teach variousStudent NameStudent IDEST 204
subjects and offer a lot more flexibility in the course curriculum. In the report they have alsopointed out the difficulties that are being faced by the digitalization of classrooms. Thebiggest confrontation that has been observed is from the teachers as they tend to believe inthe misconception that technology is going to replace teachers in the future. The authors callthis a misconception because there is already a scarcity of skilled teachers around the worldand the technology is only to help the teachers in the communication process. It is not areplacement but is only a helping hand. Rather it is the other way around where thetechnology is dependent on the teacher for the better understanding of the pupils. Anotherissue with the technology that is discussed is the lack of training among the teachers. Mostteachers cannot use the technology at disposal to its full capability. Tough teachers from UK,US, Japan and Australia are comparatively more enthusiastic than other countries where theresources are available.Challenges and OutcomesThe part and capacity of utilisation Information Communication Technology (ICT) inprecise instructing and learning in the classroom is to accomplish the targets of dialecteducating and teaching. These days, schools and organisations give PCs as learninginstruments to understudies to pick up information and experience (Rislana et al. 2016). Byutilising PC, the understudies could without much of a stretch comprehend what theireducator or speaker have instructed in class. The Web mainly gives more data and substitutescan achieve that data speedier than regular. It likewise offers many sorts of evidence and inthe meantime, it is likewise could be advantageous learning instruments in training.Understudies could accumulate data from the web and trade their perspectives andsuppositions with other individuals. This movement regards be a hone among understudies.Around then, the objective and target of instructing and learning process in the classroomStudent NameStudent IDEST 204

The difference between an animal and a human being is in the presence of a conscious mind with which we can learn and adapt to change and upgrade ourselves to live in a society. With the advancement of technology now there are several ways with which we can learn more easily. ICT like any other sphere of life has also changed the education system worldwide. Many argue that the traditional way is the most effective teaching method but this is a subjective behavior.

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