Community and Its Environmental Health Issues.

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Community and Its Environmental Health Issues1The investigation has been made on the usefulness of the environmental health indicators for theevaluation of the environmental health in Korea. It has been also analyzed that there has been anassociation between an environmental pollution with health outcomes by integrating itsindicators into several kinds of measure. (Wolch, J. R,2014)Manufacturing industries and the industries in the South Korea had been taking off in the year1970s under the dictator park Chun-hee. Due to these issues protection of the ecosystem and theissues related to the environment has become the second priority for the economic development.(Green, G. P.,2015)As it has become a developed economy all over the world the priorities of the country have beenchanged and the government of South Korea has passed some laws for tackling the issues of theenvironment. Due to these laws, green belts and the emission restrictions have markedlyimproved the quality of the environment and there was also the improvement in the air pollution.As in South Korea, the air pollution was one the major problem as the dust used to blow due toan expansion of the deserts in China. As the South Korea was the world's fifth largest user thenuclear power and it was the one which has created a safe place by using it for disposing of thenuclear waste material. It has been analyzed that 70 per cent of the nuclear waste in South Koreahas been recently found in the storage pools. (Heacock, M,2016)If we talk about the water pollution of South Korea then the quality of the water there is beingacceptable as they use to boil the water or filter their tap water before using. Pollution from thesewage and the sources of industries has harmed some of the coastal and the river ecosystems.(Greenberg, A. J,2017)
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