Community Development and Welfare - Assignment

Added on - 28 May 2020

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Running head: COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT AND WELFARECommunity Development and WelfareName of the Student:Name of the University:Author’s Note:
1COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT AND WELFARECommunity forms an important aspect of the modern day society (Hart, 2013).However, initially I had very vague idea about the concept of community. I would like tocomment here that although I was familiar about the concept of community but I did not havea detailed knowledge about the various aspects of community and how the members of thecommunity can bring about a change in the entire community itself through their collectiveand cumulative efforts. The course helped me to understand the concept of community in amuch better manner. The two videos which were provided for my assignment were veryhelpful and provided me with a lot of valuable information about the nature and the meaningof community.The video “Community action and the Environment” helped me to understand theimportance of the collective as well as the cumulative effort of each member of thecommunity. I think that the main idea behind the video was the very important for myeffective understanding of the entire community. The way all the members of the communitystood up for the cause of the community was appealing to me and helped me to understandthe importance of collective effort.The video “A Place of Their Own” was also equally helpful for my understanding ofthe meaning of concept of community. The concept of the caravan park where people fromdifferent cultural, social, educational and ethnic background co-exist together seemed to meto be a microcosm of the entire society itself (Cohen, 2013). I felt that the medium of protestchosen by the residents of caravan was not adequate and they should have resorted to moreactive form of protest.I would like to mention here that since the initiation of this course work I becamemuch more interested in the various activities of my own community and especially towardsthe activities related to its welfare. After the initiation of this course I and a few of my friends
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