Community Development Project Assignment

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Running Head: Community DevelopmentCommunity DevelopmentProposal
Community Development1Executive SummaryFrom the past few years, there has been a rise in the inequalities, in the process of developmentactivities in Hong Kong. This problem has led to the unequal development in various areas ofHong Kong. Inequalities are basically due to economic integration; it should be given focus andgovernment should try to tackle the problem more efficiently. The main aim of the report is tobring community development to ensure overall growth of individuals belongs to the HongKong. Hong Kong is one of among them. It mainly passes with the social problem of Unequaldistribution of development. The presence of this problem prevents its rural and regional growth.Advocacy approach will adopt for the solution of the existing problem. Furthermore,recommendations and conclusion are also described in this paper. The advice suggests effectiveactions that can take by the Hong Kong government for resolving the problem in an effectivemanner. On the other hand, a conclusion also gives to summarize the whole paper in some word.The whole study is descriptive in nature. The main purpose of this paper is to define the socialproblem which hinders the community development and solution for resolving it in an effectivemanner.
Community Development2IntroductionCommunity development is mainly considered as a process where the members of a communitycome together to take a collective action and generate a solution of a particular problem, asshown in the figure below.The main aim of this paper is to study the social issue facing the Hong Kong country. This willgive us a significant knowledge about the growth and social aspects of the country. Generally, itcan be said that Hong Kong is a special administrative region of the people republic of China. Itis known for its effective infrastructure and a large number of growth opportunities. Apart ofthis, it also considered the central area of arising different social problems (Chor, 2014). Socialproblems do influence not only the society but also influence the growth of the country. Apart ofthis, the government and the people of Hong Kong respect the human beings and their rights.This helps them in maintaining the effective cooperation and growth potential. Thus, it can be
Community Development3said that it is necessary for us to study the social problem faced by Hong Kong. This doesstrengthen not only our knowledge but also our background.Research MethodologyResearch Type for this TopicThe topic of the study is "Community Development" which is descriptive and theoretical innature. Due to this, the research utilized for identifying the required data is descriptive. The mainaim of the study is to discuss a social problem faced by Hong Kong and find out its suitablesolution by using effective sources. Thus, the data regarding the research has been collected fromthe different members of the community. All these sources prove very helpful in offeringimmense information about the topic has been in discussion for a long time (Spiranovic, 2016).Thus, it can be said that the descriptive study has fulfilled the criteria of the current researchstudy.Data Sources for this topicIn this study, secondary sources of data have been utilized efficiently. The role of secondary datais here because being a study for the community development, the secondary role of researchplays an important role in this. Data that is already available and have been collected previously,is called secondary data. Therefore it is much cheaper and is easily available as compared to theprimary data. Besides this it is less costly and saves a lot of time. Helps in better understandingof problems, provide more data to compare with primary data. On the other hand, secondaryresearch methodology is utilized because the main aim of the research was to record the everyprospect of the scholars and the professionals (Wolfson, 2014). Conducted secondary research
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