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Running head: COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENTCommunity DevelopmentName of the student:Name of the university:Author note
1COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENTIntroductionThe Torres Strait Islanders are the native people of the Queensland region of Australia.However, there is a difference between the Aboriginals residing in the rest of Australia and theTorres Strait Islanders. There are two categories of Torres Strait Islanders staying closer to thecoast and mainland of Bamage and Seisia. These native people have a distinct culture, whichvaries on the types of islands they are living in. This essay will look into the development ofATSI community by combining the specific theories to focus on the desired changes in thesociety. Rothmans model will be used to describe the approach of community work suitable forthe ATSI (Arsenberg, 2017).DescriptionThe area of Torres Strait Island has 6800 residents and another 42000 live in the north ofQueensland, especially in Cairns and Townsville. The aboriginals are indigenous of Australia assimilar to the Torres Strait Islanders; however, the later belong to Melanesian origin. Theaboriginals and the Torres Strait Islanders are the primitive population of the Australian land andregion. Their knowledge of land and water is original which has come down their ancestrallineage. Such indigenous knowledge was effective in forming a spiritual, social and economicconnection with the country. The connection with the land and region of Australia has travelledfrom the past and developed the present for shaping a better future (Lee, Kim & Phillips, 2015).As the aboriginals are struggling for their land rights, therefore this area can be chosen asan area of change. To throw light on the intervention for change in community Rothman modelcan be used for taking a wider view. This model was effective in observing this practice as an
2COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENTenriching field including program planning, evaluation, administration, policy analysis anddevelopment and resource development and allocation. The strategic and intentionalconsiderations were stressed upon for the change in ATSI community (Shragge, 2003). It washelpful with regard to social planning, policy initiatives based on neighborhood citizen and thedevelopment approaches, and advocacy- oriented community accomplishment. Further, it can bementioned that the formulation of community interference comprises of different kinds ofpractices. The distinctive forms include practice of social policy planning, developing capacityand advocacy.The ATSI community has created their own knowledge and understanding of theecological system, which reflects the present symbiotic relationship with their traditional landand water. The knowledge of this community regarding their land and water has helped inprotecting the climate, people, land, culture and biodiversity (Hardina, 2012). In this way, theyhave been able to establish a mutual culture with the environment from a long time. Land isregarded as the base of entire aboriginal relationship, their economy, cultural practices andidentity. Even though the land has suffered a lot due to illegal capture, the community did notfail to retain their connection with the same through narration, political activities and otherceremonies. The community has continued their struggle for land rights to attain recognition andrespect.According to Kenny, McGrath & Phillips (2017), community development is such a fieldof study, which consists of social and political movements. It aims to develop the communityand make the world a better place to live in. This book has focused on the activities taken up bythe communities to fulfill their needs by gathering required resources. In the Australian context,community development by means of different programs targets to assure that the natives fit into
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