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INTRODUCTIONBusiness organisation aims at bringing innovation and creation in operations so that it cansustain in competitive business environment and accomplish overall goals and objectives.Organisation focuses on providing training and development to employees so that they can comeup with creative and innovative ideas and it also increases their skills and knowledge. Apple a multinational company that deals in consumer electronics products and services. In this studyreport, role of employees within organisation and its importance are explained in brief. Andvarious skills and knowledge of employees that is needed to carry out specific roles are discussedas well. SWOT analysis is done and expectations of customers in terms of good and services areexplained further.MAIN BODYSize, Structure, Goals, Mission, Vision, Values and Objectives of Apple Inc.DetailsApple Inc.Sector in which itoperatesApple company operates its business in private sector and deals intechnological electronics, computer hardware and software, digitaldistribution, Fabless silicon designs, etc.SizeApple company has approx 500 retail stores around world-wide andprovides employment to around 132000 employees(ChristensenandGrant, 2016).StructureHierarchical organisational structure is followed in Apple Inc. It hasappointed senior vice presidents for retail stores and for world-widemarketing.Products and ServicesofferedApple Inc. offers wide range of products and services such as iPad,iPhone, Apple Watch and TV. It also offers consumer andprofessional software application, OS X, iPhone OS(iOS), operatingsystems, Apple Pay, iCloud, various accessories and supportofferings.Goals and ObjectivesApple Inc. goals are to obtain Steller services and products withinstrict time frames that posses and provides right value for money ofcustomers and various other stakeholders.
MissionIts mission statement describes that company focuses on contributingto world by developing tools and techniques for advanced humankindminds(Chilvers, 2017).VisionApple company' vision statement states that it aims at world's mostconsumer- centric corporation and focuses on building a place wherepeople finds and discovers everything that they want to buy fromonline.ValuesIts values are customs, standards, qualities and principles which helpin succeeding employees and overall organisation. Apple Inc. aims atfilling real needs and wants of customers and also provides lastingvalue to them.Identification of customers and their expectations in terms of goods and servicesApple Inc. offers wide variety of products and services to its customers. Organisationaims at meeting needs and wants of customers by providing quality and advanced products andservices to them(Abdullah and, 2014). There are variety of needs and wants of different agegroups of people. Young age group of people or customers expects to have advanced features inits smartphone, whereas, other people expects to have simplified features that can be used easily.Apple focuses on dividing market into groups according to different characteristics forselling its products and services. Various types of segmentations are done including geographic,demographic, psychographic and behavioural. For example, iPhone, Mac, iPad and iPod aremostly demanded in urban areas and professional young age people. Young age people, collegestudents expects from Apple company to provide iTunes, Mac, Apple Pay and iCloud. Urbanpopulation's needs and wants regarding products and services of Apple Inc. includes Apple TVand watch, iWork and various other accessories as well.SWOT analysis of Apple Inc.Apple Inc. SWOT analysis is done to identify strength and opportunities that can be usedto take potential benefits and further focus is made on eliminating and removing weakness andtreats.Strength
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