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Running head: COMMUNITY INTERPRETERCommunity InterpreterName of the Student:Name of the University:Author’s Note
2COMMUNITY INTERPRETERMeeting between Head Teacher and parents to discuss child’s behaviorAnswer to Question aBibliographyInternetIt is one of the very useful methods that have proved handy in finding informationregarding the chosen topic. It is useful in giving information related to the ways, in which aparent teacher meeting must be conducted. This method also enabled us to know that there canbe many different topics on which a head teacher and the parents can talk. This method gives alot of information about the rules that both the head teacher and the parents must abide by, whilediscussing about the child’s behavior1.BooksThis has also been a very useful research method. The book that has been used forgathering information gave many essential pieces of information based on the different factorsthat is responsible for influencing the relationship between the parent and the teacher. This is avery useful and interesting source of information because the readers or the researchers can usethis book for many different purposes ass per their need and area of interest. This book also talksabout the role of the parents in the start of their child’s education and talks about the relationshipthat child develops with his teacher at school and how this is influenced2.1Rice, Frances, Norah Frederickson, K. H. Shelton, I. C. McManus, Lucy Riglin, and Terry Ng-Knight. "Identifyingfactors that predict successful and difficult transitions to secondary school." (2015).2Carol Vincent Research Fellow in Education Policy.Parents and teachers: Power and participation. Routledge,2013
3COMMUNITY INTERPRETERLeafletsThe leaflets have also been very much helpful as a research method because it enabledthe researcher to get the basic and clear idea about the usefulness of a parent teacher meetingvery quickly. This is important because it can convey the research aim right through visualrepresentation. Just by taking a look at the leaflets it can be comprehended very easily why andhow must a meeting between a head teacher and parent be conducted for discussing severalissues including the issue of the child’s behavior3.Answer to Question bA favorable place for carrying on the meeting between a head teacher and parents inorder to discuss the behavior of the child is the school or a private meeting place or even in adoctor’ clinic as per the need and the requirement. The meeting will either take place in theschool or it can also take place at some private place of meeting if the issue of discussion is veryserious. As the mentioned issue over here is that of the child behavior4.3Yoshikawa, Hirokazu, Diana Leyva, Catherine E. Snow, Ernesto Treviño, M. Barata, Christina Weiland, Celia J.Gomez et al. "Experimental impacts of a teacher professional development program in Chile on preschool classroomquality and child outcomes."Developmental psychology51, no. 3 (2015): 309.4Weiland, Celia J. Gomez et al. "Experimental impacts of a teacher professional developmentprogram in Chile on preschool classroom quality and child outcomes."Developmentalpsychology51, no. 3 (2015): 309.
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