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Company Analysis Assignment - Starbucks

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Added on  2020-05-16

Company Analysis Assignment - Starbucks

   Added on 2020-05-16

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Slide 2Starbucks was founded in the year 1971 and has grown manifolds since then. Currently it is the third largest food chain globally with the revenue of $22.39 billion. The company employees over 200000 people across the world via its 23000 stores spread across different countries. The company was founded by Howard Schultz who is a world renowned for his entrepreneurial skills as well as management capacity.Starbucks outlets offer hot and cold beverages. Though the brand is predominantly known for its coffee, it also serves fresh food and flavors of different ice creams.There are three brands under the same umbrella. These include Starbucks coffee, Seattle best coffeeand Tazo Tea.Slide 3Starbucks follows a lean sigma process throughout its operations and the brand ensures to follow the same process in all its stores. The company has a detailed supplier management process and follows SLA as well as timelines through the entire process.Financially, the company complies with the financial regulators across the globe. There is a central body that facilitates transfer of funds through all its stores as per the business requirements. The body also makes sure that the financial transactions are conducted effortlessly. One of the importantduties of the body is the communicate the results and the financial statements of the company to the board of directors.Slide 4Human resource management plays an important role in every organization. Starbucks hires employees who possess strong cultural value and competent communication skills. The company keeps conducting activities and ensures that its employees stay motivated. There is immense opportunity for growth in the company and the HR managers are trained to align employee’s personal goals with those of the organization.Starbucks consistently keeps itself aware about the current as well as upcoming competition in the industry. They keep conducting surveys and collect data about the changing needs and preferences of their target consumers.
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