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Aseda Organics: Providing Safe and Effective Organic Skincare Products

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Added on  2020-11-13

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Aseda Organics is a Ghanaian company specializing in organic skincare products made of locally sourced ingredients. The company was founded by Elizabeth Donkor, who suffered from severe hyperpigmentation and dry skin due to the harmful chemicals in most skincare products. Aseda Organics provides a variety of facial and body products that cater to the needs of customers. The company's unique selling proposition is to provide personalized and customized products, free consultations, and safe packaging and delivery. Aseda Organics is registered as a limited liability company in Ghana and has partnered with courier delivery operators, Shea butter suppliers, website designers, and bamboo bottle and jar manufacturers.
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Company Description2.0 Company HistoryAseda organics is a company specializing in organic skincare. All products will be made of organic ingredients, purchased from the local market and suppliers. It would not have any harmful ingredients, fillers, or dyes. The company will provide a variety of products including facial skincare and body products that caters to the needs of our customers. The idea to start an organic skincare company occurred when the CEO of the company Elizabeth DONKOR suffered from severe hyperpigmentation on the face and dry skin during harmattan season. Her constant search for skin products that deals with her skin condition proved futile, because most skin products she used contained chemicals that are harmful to her skin and also there was lack of nutritional vitamins in some organic skincare products in the market. She searched on YouTube and learnt where to buy and how to mix organic ingredients to make your own homemade body products. Fortunately most of the ingredients such as Shea butter was easily available in the Ghanaian local markets. She started creating organic skin products for herself, friends and family but has now decided to produce more products to meet the growing demand for chemical free organic skincare products in Ghana.2.1 Mission StatementOur mission is to make a positive difference in people’s lives by providing safe and effective solutions for skincare needs. We strive to provide holistic and natural solutions to help improve the quality of skin products in a real and meaningful way.2.2 Vision Statement Our vision is to become customer’s natural first choice when selecting personal skincare products without chemicals/plastics and providing exceptional quality, pure, organic plant-based products that are good for all.2.3 Goals:Provide great customer service and have the customer leaving happyMake products that everyone can affordMake quality organic products that helps people’s skin become healthier
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