Comparative Analysis of Hinduism and Christianity : Essay

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Running head: COMPARATIVE ANALYSIS OF HINDUISM AND CHRISTIANITYComparative Analysis of Hinduism and ChristianityName of the StudentName of the UniversityAuthor Note
COMPARATIVE ANALYSIS OF HINDUISM AND CHRISTIANITY1Religion is one of the most important factors of existence for the human beings in themodern world. It is with the help of the religions that the different individuals think of adifferent God and offer their worship to the God who belongs to their own religion. As thereare different number of religions in the world itself, it can be said that each religion hasdifferent rules and regulations as well as different philosophies which it imparts to thefollowers of the religion itself. Two such religions of different nature are Hinduism as well asChristianity. Each of these religions are very old in their age and have a large number offollowers for themselves. Although these religions basically teach and impart the sameknowledge to the followers of the religion itself, it can be said that the origins and thefeatures of the religion would be different from each other in their ways of looking at life andat that of God itself. Thus, it is the comparative analysis between the religions itself whichforms the main points of the analysis of the essay itself.The purpose of this essay is to make and determine the comparative analysis ofthe religions of Hinduism and Christianity in respect of the various field of beliefs andattitudes that these different religions have for the followers of these religionthemselves.Before analysing the religions of Hinduism and Christianity which is different fromeach other it is important for the readers to know the origins of the religions of Hinduism andChristianity and how these religions became popular over the years itself. Hinduism, as thereaders know is tan Indian language itself and the language is shared by the concepts of“Dharma” or the way of life itself (Nehring, 2018). Many scholars are of the opinion thatHinduism itself is fusion of a number of different cultures and the thoughts that is prevalentin the Indian sub-continent itself. It is also known to be the third largest population in theworld, with an estimate of about 1.15 billion or around 50-60% of the total population of the
COMPARATIVE ANALYSIS OF HINDUISM AND CHRISTIANITY2world itself. All of these factors make Hinduism to be one of the most popular and widelyfollowed religions of the world itself.Similarly, Christianity is also another of the popular religions of the world itself. It ispopularly known by the readers themselves that the Christianity is an Abrahamic Monolithicreligion itself which is based on the teachings and the philosophies of Jesus Christ himself.The religion itself began as a Second Temple Judaic Sect in the Roman Province of Judea inthe year of the 1stCentury itself. The religions remains highly popular both in the Eastern aswell as the Western part of the European sub-continent itself (Brockington, 2016). Thereligion is influential in helping to develop the Western Civilization in the European sub-continent itself. In the current times, the religion is growing rapidly in the countries of Asia aswell as Africa itself. All of these factors helps to establish the fact that the Christianity isindeed the largest and the most followed religions of the world itself (Barbato, 2017).Hinduism can be considered to be a way of the life for the followers of thereligion itself. It says that heaven is open to all the individuals themselves and even atheist ora non-believer in God, will be able to enter heaven just by performing good deeds. Thus, itcan be said that in Hinduism itself, the people who will perform good deeds in their lives willbe granted entry into the heaven irrespective of the person being a believer or a non-believerin God will be able to enter the heaven. If this concept is compared with that of the religion ofChristianity the individuals themselves, it can be stated that there are a lot of similaritieswhich the followers of the religion maintain. In Christianity, it is also said that the individualswho perform good deeds can gain entry into heaven itself. In these ways, it can be said thatboth the religions have a lot of similarities with each other (Nehring,2018).Other factors of the comparison which can be made between the two religions itselfincludes the fact that both the religions have a different attitude when it comes to the theories
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