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2ComparisonActionDermal tissue filters are usually a scientific andbiological procedures to tighten facial skin andget rid of wrinkles (12).Regardless of their longevity, they are bothconducted in a similar way of injecting the faceat specific positions and angles.BioTissue filter injections use chemicals that arecompatible with the skin to ensure for betterresults (5).The medical procedure involves injection ofthe patient’s face at a certain angle with theselected chemicals according to their choices.The injection must be carried out by qualifiedprofessionals to avoid any errors which mightlead to negative results.PharmacologyAll the types of soft tissue filters are purposelyfor the restorations of body tissues and cells.They all help in the correction of wrinkles andloose skin.Whether permanent or temporary injection, itessential to involve a specialized medicalprofessional in the activity (1).They all last a particular period depending onthe longevity of each of the injectionadministered.If not administered in the right procedures orportions, there are serious consequences.The results of a tissue filter differs dependingon the period of effect (8).ContrastTemporary Tissue FiltersSemi-Permanent Tissue FiltersPermanent Tissue FiltersAlso referred to as non-permanent filters.They are called semi becausethey have an effect that rangesbetween temporary andpermanent tissue filters.They stay effective for alonger period than the rest ofsoft tissues (1).Temporary filters take effectfor less than 12 months on thepatient on the receiving end.Within 1-2 years, semi-permanent filters showgradual degradation andfinally disappear from therecipient’s body (11).These tissues remain in thesystem for more than twoyears and have a long lastingeffect as well.The patient can only enjoypositive results for a limitedtime and then get anotherThey last long enough to givegood service to the patient buteventually goes down and thenSince they have a permanenteffect, the patient enjoys theresults of skin tightening for
3injection or continueexperiencing their previousproblems (7).its impacts starts to disappear.the longest time withouthaving to keep undertaking theinjections time after time (11).In case of dissatisfaction fromthe patient, they have anadvantage since the results candisappear within a shortperiod. Now a patient canconsider another form oftreatment which can suit theirskin better (8).The patient will have toendure the negative changesfor a particular period until alleffects declines and then theycan change their treatmentprocedures (8).Permanent tissues are a greatdisadvantage to the patient ifthe result is not as expected.They take effect for a verylong period and therefore lesscan be done to stop their effect(1). The patient will have toendure the effects for as longas possible.Fewer complications areinvolved in this procedure asthe results are temporary.There are mediumcomplications involved in thiscase as the results take effectfor sometime but theydisappear with time.Most complications areinvolved with this type oftissue filter as they havepermanent results andtherefore issues might ariseduring this period.Some of the chemicals used toinject include Collagen-human, Collagen-Porsine,Hyaluronic acid-avain andHyaluronic acid-bacterial (10).Chemicals used here includeCaHA, CalciumHydroxylapatite, DEAE-Sephadex(Dextran), Polyvinylalcohol.Some chemicals forpermanent tissue filters are:Polymethylmethacrylate,Polyacrylamide GelPolyalkylimide.WC: 550Question 2All Dermal filters aim at one main purpose which is to repair damaged skin tissues especially onthe face. The injections differ depending on the positioning and some of the most used dermalfilters include linear threading, Linear Retro-tracing, and cross hatching techniques.Linear threading is considered to be the most comfortable for the patients and therefore widelyused when it comes to dermal tissue filters (10). The process involves inserting the injectionneedle along the length of skin depression and dropping the content in the skin as you move the
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