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COMPENSATION AND BENEFIT1Summary of Key IssueOttawa Voyageurs is an interesting and mind-twisting case study which discusses the story of apopular event or game where a hard decision was taken by its Head Canadian Pro-soccer Coach.It all started with how Mr. Manuel Tertuliano who was the head coach of “A Club” had gonethrough the tough time when he was supposed to take a hard decision to pay a handsome amountto its 6 participants as compensation on the constant persuasion of O Leary, his co-head. Theamount of $850000 was not as little amount to give as compensation. Even then ManuelTertullian wanted to compensate his team players, and he also wished that his team should notlose in the game as well. He knew that all his players were good at the game and all they neededwas a kind of motivation right from mind and heart. Manuel Tertullian knew that if his team wasinculcated with energetic spirit to play, it could certainly bring laurels to his country. Manuelknew very well that how during 1888, Canada became the first country who sent its team inBritain for this game "Soccer." And much to his expectations, it brought fame too for its country,and it became the number one SPORT. Lots of registrations started for this game, and itcontinued to be the Professional League in Canada. Ups and downs seen in this game could notdecrease its likings amongst its spectators or fans. The game rocked and succeeded well withhigh salaries to its players, high status and good and cordial relationship with players of othersports.Recommendations The toughest part of the job of the coach was to decide the correct structure of compensation tomotivate and develop the right and hardworking players in the team. The structuring ofcompensation of six players along with the decision to recognize those players who contributedthe performance in the team individually was very critical decision on the part of the department
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COMPENSATION AND BENEFIT2of sports. The five significant principles that were developed by the league to direct the methodof transacting the soccer business were:Being the inspirational point of destinationConveying and spreading the passionStaying young and energeticReflecting diversity and inclusivenessBecoming the place of meeting.The decisions regarding the compensation need to be standardized fairly, and the amount mustbe determined by a player according to his marketability and ability. According to theperformances, the bonuses must be given and awarded. There should be proper training anddevelopment programs to create the effective performance. There should be a renegotiation ofthe contract of the players before the expiry of the terms.Player’s High morale can be achieved by consciously taking care of the factors like fulfilling allthe necessities of a player which involve payment of compensation, and rewarding him for thebest performances achieved by him. Compensation plays an important part in the lives of thesports player as for them winning a game gives them mental happiness and respect. It alsoincreases the number of fans in the lives of players and gives them much fame. But for earningtheir livelihood and to continue their participation in the sports requires every sports departmentto compensate them for their role in sports. It may help to stabilize and sustain their interest inthe game. Play's quality can be improved by providing high salaries to the high performingemployees and deciding the criteria for measuring the marketability of the players like drawingfans, reputation, and entertainment factors of the players.
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