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Running head: COMPETENCIES OF A CUSTOMER SERVICE MANAGERCompetencies of a Customer Service ManagerName of the Student:Name of the University:Author Note:
1COMPETENCIES OF A CUSTOMER SERVICE MANAGERPart 1 Task 1a)The role of a Customer Service manager of an International hotel is to support the hotel’sstrategic policies and to ensure that the customers of the hotel are content with their experience.Another role of a customer service manager is to introduce innovative improvisation regarding thedevelopment of the organization. Apart from that a customer service manager has to maintain agradual development of the relation between internal and external stakeholders and quality assurancein order to develop a positive reputation of the organization. Currently, for this particular hotel, thecustomer service manager has to supervise 11 employees and has to report to the Director of theProperty and Services for any issues (Zervas, Proserpio and Byers, 2014).b)For a hotel to climb up the ladder of success the manager has to make sure that the six keyindicators of performance is maintained and he or she has to supervise the employees accordingly. Inthis part of this article, the 6 key indicators of performance are shared.a.The manager has to ensure that the online rating of their organization is good tomaintain the productivity of the organization.b.The manager has to make sure that the hotel at the peak season is at least 80 %occupied and at the lean seasons, the customers occupy minimum 60%.c.The daily average price paid has to be fixed in an considerate level and the customerservice manager has to ensure that the minimum daily average rate is price is achievedby the employees.d.The customer service manager has also to ensure that the minimum revenue peravailable room is generated at the end of the month. This is a very important tool tomeasure the performance of the organization. If the daily revenue per room that isfixed is not achieved then it might be a serious matter of concern.e.The most important task of the customer service manager is to ensure that thecustomers are satisfied with their stay and the service they received from the
2COMPETENCIES OF A CUSTOMER SERVICE MANAGERemployees of the hotel. It can be said that if the customers are discontent with theservices they got from the staffs of the hotel, they would give a bad review and thatcan potentially harm the profitability of the organization. It is a matter of fact thatword of mouth is a very strong medium of publicity, and if a wrong impression of thehotel is generated once, it can potentially destroy the future prospects of thatparticular organization.f.Another important key performance indicator of a hotel is the return on investmentregarding the expenses related to the advertising. Calculating the return on theinvestments made for the advertising purposes can surely be measured to assess theprofitability of the organization. The manager has to ensure that the amount theorganization is payingIn this part of this article, it is shown that the manager’s goals have to be aligned with the targetsof the organization in order to attain the best results. In this particular case, it is seen that the maintargets of the management of the hotel is to ensure the number of the properties by at least 15 %within 5 economic years, along with that to maintain high quality services for the customers. Themanagement of this particular hotel also aims to maintain a high retention level within theorganization and make sure that all the facilities are of world class stature (Krasnoperova et al., 2016).c)To achieve the targets made by the core management of the organization, the customerservice manager has to take certain initiatives and to ensure that all the targets are met; he has tosupervise the activities of the employees under him by paying more attention. In order to achieve thetargets made by t organization, the customer service manager has to stress on the training anddevelopmental issues more and has to proactively enhance the communication within the workforce inorder to maintain the best quality services for the customers. Apart from that, the manager has tomake sure that they have to generate the revenue in an amount so that the organization can expand itsproperties by 15% within coming five economic years (Molina-Azorín et al., 2015).
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