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Competency 1
Email marketing refers to a corporation strategically sending emails to repeat/potential
consumers in the hopes of generating income. You may send mass emails to many individuals
using email marketing. This strategy has the advantages of being inexpensive, automatable, and
reaching out and sending specific types of emails to individuals. Emails have a low success rate
since we receive many of them, which is one of its flaws. Also, because the firm may be looking
for us rather than buying, an email can be easily disregarded or deleted before it is opened.
Mobile marketing is a marketing technique that uses a mobile device to reach a company's
target audience and create income. Apps becoming more accessible, mobile versions of
websites, and the ability to modify are some of the advantages of this strategy. The absence of
client privacy is one of this strategy's flaws.

Sending promotion emails for future seasonal sales uses email marketing for Costa's Customs.
Customers would be more likely to visit the business if they knew there would be ticket items
on sale. I would use email marketing to send promotional emails during prom and wedding
season. Finally, I'll provide discount codes to returning clients. Consider the following scenario:
(Since you spend xxx, here is a 15 percent off code on your next store purchase.) This will assist
in keeping loyal clients satisfied as well as increasing brand loyalty. For Costa's Customs, I would
employ mobile marketing to guarantee a successful app easily accessible in the app store. Users
are also encouraged to enable notifications on their mobile apps. We must have a mobile
version of the website. Finally, marketing via other applications will allow us to reach our target
demographic on additional platforms while increasing brand awareness. link

Costa's customs display a luxury sense while still being classy and sophisticated, which is why I
chose this header. Keeping the color scheme dark neutral truly brings the store's header and
name to life. I also added a female and male picture to each corner, indicating that it is intended
to have a professional feel, and our service includes attire.


Explanation: Mailchimp was a lot more complex than I had anticipated. I spent 45 minutes to
an hour trying to find out how to insert specific information and photographs into the email,
and I still couldn't figure it out. I intended to either use a logo I created on a free LOGO site or
manually put in Costa's Customs and say Retail Clothing and Tailoring under it for the LOGO.
This would inform users of our store's name and our services. I chose to include a banner
regarding wedding season to alert clients that we are offering a start-of-season sale. I used this
GILF because Mailchimp wouldn't let me use a standard image, but I have received GILFS in
retailor emails. I thought the GILF was appropriate because we do tailor in our shop, and it also
features a gentleman in a suit department. Finally, I decided to use "here comes the bride" to
get people's attention. Then, in all capital letters, state that we are having a deal and provide
additional precise information about everything we offer at our store.

o Because not everyone uses social media or is proficient with mobile devices, email
marketing is essential. To diversify their clientele, advertisements must be tailored to
specific age groups.

o The world is changing, and most online buying takes place on mobile devices. Receiving
more leads and, as a result, more buy opportunities benefit mobile marketing.

Competency 2

Paid search engines are one of the most effective ways to promote a business online and are
often used by vendors and business owners to assess keyword profitability and ROI before
attempting Search Engine Optimization or SEO. Paid engine search, like SEO, has both perks
and pitfalls. Remarketing is an advantage of paid advertising; while getting searchers to buy
on their first click is unlikely, having them view your ad regularly might lead to a purchase or
a referral for future sales. Paid ads also provide you with more local and global exposure while
tracking your ads in real-time and providing you with information on the performance of your
keywords and ad messages, the amount of traffic your ads generate, and what percentage of
that traffic converts to sales. Some downsides of these ads include the fact that they can be
highly complicated and are not free; additionally, sponsored ads cease to exist once people
stop paying. After your advertising is removed, the traffic generated, and the sales generated
by that traffic are also released.

Choosing the best SEO approach for Costa's can be difficult. Because SEO has various
advantages and disadvantages, attaining the stated goal is always contingent on a company's
finances and desire to implement our recommendations. Even though paid advertising, social
media, and other online channels can drive traffic to websites, search engines drive most
online traffic. Organic search results take up more digital real estate, appear more trustworthy
to sophisticated users, and receive far more clicks than paid ads. For example, in the United
States, only 2.8 percent of individuals click on paid adverts. Too much business is one of the
cons or disadvantages of SEO. As much as any firm wants to succeed, there is a real danger of
doing too much and too fast. If you can't handle the volume of leads and sales, opportunities
will be lost, consumers will be disappointed, and Costa's reputation will suffer.

Pay Per Click (PPC) refers to paid marketing activities online, such as sponsored searches and
adverts. In contrast, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) refers to any efforts (primarily organic)
used to increase a website's ranking in search engines. While SEO produces more long-term
outcomes and is viewed as a long-term investment with returns even if you don't put in any
additional effort, paid advertising makes results for as long as the campaign is active. At the
outset, SEO is a more cost-effective technique to get results, yet it isn't always free because it
requires time and attention, and it all depends on how quickly you want results. Investing in
Off-Site SEO strategies could help you provide more high-quality leads faster. PPC is just paying
for ad space. However, SEO will drive searchers to your website interested in your items and
will not be turned off by the ad. In today's digital environment, online buyers are bombarded
with advertisements, resulting in Ad blindness, in which customers automatically avoid
commercials and focus on organic results. When it comes to paid advertising, think about
rapid results because PPC will provide you with an almost immediate return on investment. If
your campaign is correctly set up, you will be able to track the flow of currency in and out of
your online paid ad investment. Another benefit of paid advertising is the ability to create
objectives on the user categories you want to attract, such as geography, age, and income,
ensuring you obtain traffic, leads, and sales from your preferred middle class 25 or up
Chicagoland business professionals. Paid advertisements also provide you the chance to
appear on other websites, providing you a tremendous edge by placing your ads in high-traffic
areas where your target audience is and serving them targeted adverts that direct them to
your website. If we used both SEO and PPC to propel Costa's ahead, we could combine the
cost-effectiveness of SEO to generate traffic naturally. At the same time, PPC drives your
target market to Costa's website, doubling volume and assisting us in reaching our traffic
volume goal of 100% in 18 months and sales objective of 50%. Using dual keyword research
for on-site material and targeted ads will enhance consumer traffic. A double SEO and paid ad
approach allow stats to be easily tracked and quantifiable outcomes to be shown.

The customer experience will naturally improve, while brand awareness will increase, loyal
customers will be created, and Costa's will stand out from the competitors. Looking at Costas'
profile and their target market of business professionals, and the fact that Custom was in the
title was the essential phrases I needed to make sure came up first in the sponsored ad search.
Also, because women's demands are frequently disregarded, including dress or dresses in the
term search was required, given that most online buyers are female.

When creating an organic search, I wanted to concentrate on the specifics of Costa's Custom,
such as locations and history, without straying too far from critical words like custom. I tailored
and included keywords like quality for those looking for something that would suit middle to
upper-middle-class budgets. Though not all SEO methods are paid for directly, the creation of
SEO needs many hours of selfless research and continual refinement of moving elements. SEO
and Paid Ads can be seen as SEO's position inside the more extensive umbrella of PPC. The
difference between SEO and PPC is that PPC focuses on advertising while SEO optimizes the
website’s back end. Both are required for web presences and substantial traffic volumes, as
they operate together to provide the best results. Because SEO takes time to produce results,
determining the effectiveness of your keyword targeting can be difficult at first. Fortunately,
PPC allows you to see immediate results, determining which keywords are driving traffic and
which are not. As a result, you may improve your SEO targeting and receive better results. PPC
keyword data searches inform your SEO campaigns, allowing you to understand better what
your customers want and the terms they use. Instead of waiting for SEO keyword optimization
results, use your PPC data to make necessary modifications to your SEO campaigns with
immediate results.

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