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CE 1.1 Project InformationName of the project:Using Waste Tyre rubber in Bituminous ConcreteLocation of the project:[PLEASE FILL]Project Duration:[PLEASE FILL]Organization:[PLEASE FILL]Role and Designation during the time:Team LeaderCE 1.2 Project BackgroundCE 1.2.1 Characteristics of the projectI had identified one of the major concern of our country is the transport and road qualityand it is affecting the nation in various ways. In these years the population has been increasingrapidly and thus, transport services have also become active in same rapid manner and roadconstruction are either of low strength or are costly. I had identified that mixing polymer with thebitumen was always a better option for the enhancement of the strength of the project however, itis a costly approach for the country to utilize polymer in the road construction. I had leaded theteam towards this topic focusing the economic condition and transport condition of the country. Ihad identified that used tyres could be much beneficial for the roads due to the vulcanizationproperty and synthetic rubber could be mixed with bitumen to improve its property.
CE 1.2.2 Objectives developed for the projectSuccessful deployment of the project needs to be based on an effective and motivatedgoals and objectives, and considering these facts I have developed the following objectives forthe project:To measure the feasibility of the blending of used tyre with the bitumen in mannerto enhance the long life and strength of the roadsTo identify the properties of the bitumen after mixing used tyre with thebituminous and evaluate whether it will be able to fulfil the needs andrequirements or notTo provide an option to dispose waste tyres and thus, make the country pollutionfree from waste tyresCE 1.2.3 My area of workI was chosen as the leader for the team in manner to execute the project successfully. Ihad assigned divided the whole project I different sectors and based on the qualification of myteam members I had assigned different sectors for them according to their speciality. I had keptmyself in the sector of “Hot Mix Asphalt” and I had to execute testing on this sector. I wasassigned to collect related data to this sector and deliver my sector in an effective and efficientmanner. This section includes many sectors such as hot mix war mix, and cold mix asphalt andthe whole team was assigned with different sectors. It was my responsibility to keep everyonemotivated and make them accomplish their objectives according to the requirement of theproject.
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