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Competency DemonstrationReport (CDR)Career Episode 2
CE 2.1: Introduction to the Undertaken ProjectName of the Project:Implementation of CDMA Transmitter and Receiver inVHDL for FPGAGeographical Location:[Please Fill]Project Duration:[Please Fill]Organization:[Please Fill]Position in the Project:Team MemberCE 2.2: Background of the Telecommunication ProjectCE 2.2.1: Features of the Undertaken ProjectThe communication system has rapidly developed in the last decade in the field ofcellular and wireless network. With the increasing demand of communication system existingTechnologies like FDMA and TDMA are becoming inadequate with the latest communicaterequirement. The new technology demands the simultaneous linear band interference within thespread spectrum techniques occupying both frequency and time domain simultaneously. Thediscovery of CDMA (Code division multiple access) technique has allowed the design of multichannel transmission system for reducing adjacent channel communicate. In this project I havefocused on proposing and implementing a transmitter and receiver system with the application ofwidespread CDMA technique. Throughout the project I have focused on providing and simplePage1of10
yet effective plan for designing CDMA system. The application of CDMA system helps inimproving the communication efficiency and reducing the cost of consumer.CE 2.2.2: Aims and ObjectivesDuring this project I have learnt that the technique for multiple access allows the users toconnect through multiple local station with the application of communicate simultaneously. Ihave focused on applying the CDMA technique during the development of communicationsystem. While developing the project I have integrated the walking module into different subsection for easy management and progress of the entire project. For this purpose I haveformulated the following objective.To evaluate the working principle of CDMA communication system;To develop the appropriate block diagram for the CDMA transmitter and the CDMAreceiver;To evaluate the working principle and Technical functionality of the CDMAtransmitter and CDMA receiver section.To design the operation and functionality of the CDMA communication.To simulate the develop prototype model of CDMA system for obtaining thefunctional and operational accuracy.To develop the required documentation for the project containing the details ofsimulation process.CE 2.2.3: Characteristic of my work in the Undertaken ProjectDuring the initial planning phase for the CDMA communication system implementationproject, I have divided the project into two major model. In the first module I was associatedPage2of10
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