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Competency DemonstrationReport (CDR)Career Episode 2
CE 2.1: Introduction to the Undertaken ProjectName of the Project:Detection of milli-meter cracksGeographical Location:Sharjah, United Arab EmiratesProject Duration:August 2014- June 2016Organization:American University of SharjahPosition in the Project:Graduate Teaching AssistantCE 2.2: Background of the ProjectCE 2.2.1: Features of the Undertaken ProjectWhether harmonic or static loading, the metallic objects and structures generally boundto ensure the amount of loading stressed over them. Though the harmonic loading break point arecomparatively less than the static loading. The structural integrity of metallic objects maycollapse within shorter time-period as compared to static loaded material. At certain point due tometallic objects, the harmonic loading gets weakened which are generally known as the “stresspoints”. Metallic defragmentation is the main cause of this stress point occurrence, while in themanufacturing processes or in the presence of flaw materials in the process because of using themanufacturing machinery in excessive terms. To form linear cracks these fatigues accumulateswhich cannot be seen by naked eyes. The length, depth and parameter are micro-level sized andmost technology is not able to detect the linear cracks with proper resolution or accuracy.Page1of10
CE 2.2.2: Aims and ObjectivesIn this project, I have worked with the vital objective for evaluating and proposing thesub millimeter system with the application of patter recognition technique. I have proposed forthe identification and characterization of small cracks on the metallic objects. For the completionof the project while ensuring the application of proper standard for project, I have developed thefollowing objectives:To evaluate the various patter recognition technique that can be utilized in the project;To develop the appropriate theoretical concept for the pattern recognition techniques;To analyze the components based on the application of NDR technique;To simulate the developed system for evaluating the efficiency and accuracy;CE 2.2.3: Characteristic of my work in the Undertaken ProjectDuring the initial phase of the project, I have studied and observed that the formation offatigues or Sub-millimeter cracks weaken the metallic objects and life span of the elements. Inaddition to that, the sub-millimeter cracks are responsible for wreaking the structural elements ofthe components. In this project, I have further developed the probabilistic and mathematicalreasoning for examining the variation of the various polynomial class. Apart from that, I havealso developed the mobility features for providing the low cost system.CE 2.2.4: Organizational Structure Associated with this ProjectFor the completion of this project, I was accompanied by three other students who haveworked alongside me for the completion of the crack detection system.Page2of10
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