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Competency DemonstrationReport (CDR)Career Episode 2
CE 2.1: Project IntroductionName of the Project:Implementation of Overvoltage and Under voltageProtection systemGeographical Location:[Please Fill]Project Duration:[Please Fill]Organization:[Please Fill]Position in the Project:Team MemberCE 2.2: Project BackgroundCE 2.2.1: Characteristics of the ProjectThe increment in the “rotation per second” value of the voltage to a distinct level between1.8 pu to 1.1. pu while the power frequency of the system remain between a minute to a halfcycle, the system experienced overvoltage condition. On the other hand, the under voltagecondition is illustrated with the decease of the value from the optimum level. I have learnt thatthe sudden increase or decrease of the voltage in the power circuit results in the failure ormalfunction of the devices and the circuitry. I addition to that, both the over voltage and undervoltage condition often lead to loss of significant amount of data and information in computerand various similar devices. I have found that it is most essential for the substation to engage inthe implementation of the voltage protection system for ensuring the reliability of the power.During the study, I have observed that the transient overvoltage creates operational breakdown ofPage1of11
both the industrial as well as household equipments. Therefore, in this project, I have worked forthe design and development of transient under voltage and over voltage detection system. In thisproject I have used transistor, IC, comparator and other discrete devices.CE 2.2.2: Objectives developed for projectIn this project I have developed my significant aim to design and implement a low costand reliable voltage indicator and projection system both for household and commercial devices.Through the proposed system, I have aimed at saving the electrical appliances from damage fromthe sudden drop and rise of voltage. In this project, I have proposed for the simulation of theproposed system with hardware. In addition to that, I have divided the project in smallerdivisions for better understanding and timely completion of the project. The detailed objectiveshave been illustrated in the section below:To identify the hardware components and materials required for the implementationof the voltage protection system;To evaluate the methods that will be used for implementing the system;To design and print an appropriate circuit diagram for the development of therequired system;To develop the prototype model for the voltage protection system;To analyze the system for determining the appropriate functionality and operations;CE 2.2.3: My area of workIn this project, in spite of working as team members for the completion of the design andimplementation of the voltage protection system, I have worked alongside the team members forPage2of11
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