Wireless Black Box Using Mems Accelerometer And Gps Tracking

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CompetencyDemonstration Report(CDR)Career Episode 2
CE 2.1: Introduction to the Undertaken ProjectName of the Project:Wireless Black Box Using Mems Accelerometer And GpsTracking For Accidental Monitoring Of VehiclesGeographical Location:[Please mention]Project Duration:[Please mention]Organization:[Please mention]Position in the Project:Team MemberCE 2.2: Background of the ProjectCE 2.2.1: Features of the Undertaken ProjectOne of the major problems in the modern society is the increased percentage of themotorcycle accidents. I have learnt that despite of server awareness campaigns and trainingsession among the rides, accidents often occurs due to drunk driving, without helmet, and overspeed driving. The increased number of accidents has resulted in the increased number ofdisabilities and death causing huge economic and social burdens. I have conducted review ofpast literature and observed that various tracking system has been developed but are onlyinstalled with high end motorcycles. I have found the reason is due to expensive nature andcomplexity of the design. Therefore, I undertook this project for the development of low costaccident alarm and detection system especially for the motorcycle. For this purpose, I have usedPage1of11
MEMS technology for developing Black box for motorcycle and integrated GPS technology fortracing the location of the motorcycle. Furthermore, I have utilized smart phones, three axisaccelerometer, GSM module and GPS system in the project.CE 2.2.2: Aims and ObjectivesI have focused on developing a design of low cost yet efficient accident monitoring anddetection plan for motorcycles. Through this project, I have aimed at decreasing the accidentsrates in motorcycle. I have used my knowledge of wireless networking and smart phonestechnology in this project. In order to complete the project within the allocated time and scope Ihave designed the following objectives:To develop the required mechanism for detecting and monitoring the accidents onmotorcycles;To identify the low cost components required for the implementation;To set up the required environment for conducting the experiment;To propose a required design for the hardware system of the accident monitoringsystem;CE 2.2.3: Characteristic of my work in the Undertaken ProjectIn this project I have made a significant ate for locating the map based in the GPS tracedfound on the smart phones used by the bikers. Through this I was able o accurately determiningthe position of the vehicle in real time. I have identified the characteristic and technicalrequirements necessary for the android OS smart phones. In addition to that, I have identified theArm7TDMI, microcontroller unit and temperature sensors as the main components of thePage2of11
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