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CompetencyDemonstration ReportCareer Episode 1
a) IntroductionCE 1.1Name of the project:Intelligent Overhead Tank Water Level IndicatorLocation of the project:KhammanProject Duration:December 2006 to May 2007Name of the Organization:SRR Engineering CollegeRole and Designation during the time:Team Memberb) Project BackgroundCE 1.2 Nature of the overall engineering projectI had designed the project work on an intelligent overhead water level indicator toprovide a display of water level within the tank. I had provided the reading with a scale of 0 to 9.While conducting this study, a priority encoder is being interfaced to the decoder to provide adisplay of the water level on segment display of 7. I had designed the proposed system by use ofpriority encoder, BCD-to-7 segment decoder and 7 segment displays. Due to higher inputimpedance, a priority encoder senses water within the container from 9 input terminals. Level 9indicates that the tank is full while level 1 indicates that tank is empty. I had taken the decision todesign water level indication as it will indicate level of water within the tank. It is used forconducting of non corrosive as well as non-inflammable liquids.
CE 1.3 Objectives of the projectFollowing are the objectives of this project work:To design a low cost water level indicatorTo use of microcontroller as a platform for designing the proposed systemTo design the system in such a way that the components are able to prevent wastage ofwaterCE 1.4 Nature of particular work areaI had designed a water level indicator circuit to build and install it round the home watertank level for maintaining it automatically. I had mainly worked into the electronics field withuse of microcontroller. The microcontroller for the water level indicator had passed required testswith other components were interfaced to it. With the proposed system, I was able to monitor thewater level into overhead tank, switch on the pump when the water tank is empty and vice versa.I had done it to eliminate the wastage of water and cut off the water supply. In this project work,microcontroller is required as the control signals are passed and developed by use of it. I hadinterfaced LCD to the microcontroller to display status of operating system. Most of the waterlevel indicators were equipped to point out and perceive of single level.
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